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roots exposed to light

Discussion in 'Advanced Marijuana Cultivation' started by Rushdog86, Sep 3, 2008.


    Rushdog86 Active Member

    Hey everybody

    I have a buddy that recently tranplanted his clones into small clear cups and loves how he can see the root development. I remember that growing with the roots exposed to light is very bad, i think i remember something about them turning green and getting some disease but i cant remember the specifics. I want to convince my buddy of why not to continue what he's doing but for the life of mw cant find anything other than " you shouldnt grow in clear container". if you can give me some more facts on the disease or have anything related to what im talking about other than "yea its bad" let me know.

    Thanks everybody

    lorenzo08 Well-Known Member

    I don't know of the facts you're looking for, but I did find a useful solution when using clear pots. mine are made from gallon jugs in ebb and flow, so I was worried about having any kind of paint or metal in the pots touching the nute water, and plastic usually doesn't block enough light. then I found landscape fabric. the stuff used to block weaks. it breathes well and blocks almost all the light. I line my pots with that. my pepper plants don't have that fabric or anything else in it. the pots are clear and you can see the roots. they are white and I haven't had any problems in the last few months, but doesn't mean he wont have problems. I might have trouble with it in the future if I didn't start using the black fabric. if your buddy uses H2O2, that might help prevent any problems.

    Stackpee Active Member

    K fungle your roots will get and grow from your roots to steam then your plant will die with in a week.

    Stackpee Active Member

    K fungle your roots will get and grow from your roots to steam then your plant will die with in a week.

    normlpothead Well-Known Member

    Once I was playing mommy, I made six-hundred clones, and used small clear cups for established clones... For sale... I ended up having 200 left over, I kept em in the little 12 fl oz cups for 2 months, trimming back, and watering a little bit daily... They were covered in green on the inside of the cup. I think it's just algae.

    They did fine, I flowered them, ezcellent results, I did let them veg for a couple weeks after replanting though.

    If possible don't use clear cups... Light is bad for the roots. It kills them, the roots that is.

    Rushdog86 Active Member

    awesome guys thank you! stackpee is it called k fungle or wtf is that.

    moneyweedlife365 Active Member

    No It Does Not Everyone Think They Know About Cannabis But They Dnt

    aknight3 Moderator

    roots plus light equal infection
    Silky Shagsalot

    Silky Shagsalot Well-Known Member

    great first post, you must be proud!

    exclamatio Active Member

    if you are worried why not place the clear cups inside something that will cover them up? Then your friend can easily take them out for a look and then put them back without worrying about any detrimental effects.

    It would make sense that the roots shouldnt be exposed to light, after all they are roots :p

    DaveTheNewbie Well-Known Member

    awesome idea IMO

    DaveTheNewbie Well-Known Member

    I was thinking about this ...

    everyone knows that light is bad for roots right?

    but when i read posts by Earl with his crazy assed space shuttle system, and Stinkbud with his Aero/NFT system they both have heaps of roots all over the place.

    They have photos of kilos of roots, they chop them off in masses with no damage, etc etc.

    Anyone that has done DWC or Aeroponics has exposed the roots heaps of times.

    Then i look at Al B Fuct and his cloning thread. You can see the roots out of the bottom of the rockwool in every photo. In fact he waits till the roots are well exposed until he plants them.

    Obviously roots do have a tolerence to light. How much i dont know, but they do.

    so the question is : HOW MUCH ??




    OregonMeds Well-Known Member


    DaveTheNewbie Well-Known Member


    AeroKing Well-Known Member

    So far as I understand it, It's not the roots that suffer, but the nutrient solution or moist soil. When exposed to light, it's perfect breeding ground for algae.

    lorenzo08 Well-Known Member

    I don't see many roots that could be exposed in his kitty litter. light allows bacteria and fungus to grow. do you have a problem with your res when you allow light to get to it? yes, same thing here, lots of good nutrition in those roots for bad things to eat. I use black landscaping fabric to block light. I wouldn't ever think about using kitty litter to grow in. who knows what chemicals could be in it, or what it might do to the ph. fish tank stone works well. it's clean and inert.

    DaveTheNewbie Well-Known Member

    so if you water once a day and run to waste (not back to res) there shouldnt be a problem ? < thats a question BTW

    EDIT : the omega garden foodle has roots exposed to light and air the whole time and its a commercial system


    so i put forward that in fact you can have roots exposed to the lights as much as you want.

    indianaman New Member

    mine are in clear bottles and the roots are fucked up. white fuzz man, slight root rot, and my leaves are fallin off, almost a month in flower but there are no stores this season that are selling pots and shit. i've tried hydrogen peroxide in small doses and that doesn't do shit. for the newbs... don't be real fucked up when thinking up ur grow room. roots need dark. makes sense.

    lorenzo08 Well-Known Member

    if a commercial company does it then it MUST be ok to do! I also trust the news and media and always follow fads. can't ever go wrong this way :-)

    threepete23 Well-Known Member

    hahahahahaha :lol: I was thinking to myslef "what does that say"

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