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Roots coming out the top soil

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by mjr99, Jul 16, 2009.


    mjr99 Well-Known Member

    Man, im doing a 12/12 from seed grow so i was thinking i could use small pots and flower more plant but now one of my girls is rootbound shes showing roots on the top of her soil. My questions are will the light hitting the roots eventually kill the plant and is it ok to transplant during flowering? thanks.
    grow space

    grow space Well-Known Member

    no man-i had last year the same thing-i had quite many of them on he top soil-my plant just growed as a bitch!also i added some soil, so they wouldnt be seen:)

    snail240 Well-Known Member

    How far into flowering? first couple weeks or so it would probably up your yeild a little if its half way or more I would just try to water more often to keep to roots in check. Try to keep the roots from searching for water other wise it will be fine just lower yeild wont kill plant roots should try and shoot back down just like when you see tree roots in the middle of your yard from a tree on the other side of the yard more moister on the top soil the the under so they naturaly hunt for it. Not a big problem some my think so but ive flowered in clear party cups when people say "you cant do that lights on the roots kills them" and the plants thrived. if its working leave it be dont fix it if its not broken it the plant is thiving in the cup let it go if it makes you feel better transplant either way it will be ok.

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    stop, please. just stop. :wall:


    mjr99 Well-Known Member

    who? what? why?

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    your plant will be fine. :)

    mjr99 Well-Known Member

    what if I were to cut the bottom off the current pot and place it halfway down a new pot filled with fresh soil? My only concern is that the roots are so tangled that they wont be able to break free into the new soil.

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    i've seen people stack pots like that with very good results. :joint:

    satch Well-Known Member

    Root production ceases about two weeks into flowering. Don't risk a transplant, if this is your first grow. Roots growing out the top of the soil is sometimes a sign of watering too shallow, so for future reference, be sure to soak your medium evenly.

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