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Root Aphids.

Discussion in 'Arizona Patients' started by AvonBarksdale, Oct 9, 2012.


    AvonBarksdale Active Member

    Watch out for these fuckers. I'm in for the battle of my life right now.

    Had them in veg and treated with Bayer Citrus & Vegetable with Imid, and I thought I had the problem contained. Plants recovered quickly from their phantom deficiencies and looked healthy as could be. Went on vacation, got back 4 days later, and plants still looked healthy. Flipped into flower, and now I'm at Day 8 and my plants went from super healthy as could be to looking faded, like they are being flushed. I noticed a few of the nymph phase aphids. Only a few visible in my tray after flooding, but where there are a few, there are hundreds more hiding. I don't see any mature beetle like aphids, or no winged flyers or translucent red and brown ones like last time, just the immature ones. But it is clear they are still causing damage. Not sure I'm gonna make it another 8 weeks :(

    These things are no joke. I don't know how they got spread so quickly to AZ, but there doesn't seem to be a 100% cure all for these things.

    1337hacker Active Member

    Yah those are the absolute worst man, good luck :(

    bleuballz Well-Known Member

    That sucks. Good luck man. I'm battling bud worms that seem
    to love BT.

    1337hacker Active Member

    Bayer is good at killing jews, not sure about root aphids though lol In all seriousness Kal el from this forum constantly touts Forbid by Bayer, maybe that would work for you

    jjlongo Active Member

    I have started to see a whitefly or two in my flower room - time to get some sticky tape.

    1337hacker Active Member

    research spinosad... it's something I haven't gotten around to trying yet (haven't had a bug for a minute) but is supposed to be an organic control that doesn't stick around with the plant for long. Hope you figure it out ; ;
    KAL EL

    KAL EL Well-Known Member

    Forbid will work on white flies.

    For Root Aphids I recommend using Spectracide at 7 ml per gallon & drenching while the plant container is in a rubbermaid tub so they can't escape while you treat each container.Three treatments a week apart took care of my Root Aphid problem. Sticky traps to catch any fliers & diatomaceous earth spread around the entire surface/floor area your plants are kept to catch any wanderers is your recipe for success.

    oldschooltofu Well-Known Member

    drench the roots in mighty wash

    then apply MET 52. its a biofungus that kills aphids in soil. but it takes about 2 weeks to innoculate soil and you have to spread the grains around as much as possible. best to pre-mix it into the soil before transplanting. search around this site and others like thcfamer and you will find loads of info. good luck.

    you may want to take clones, start clean and throw out all existing soil. trust me its not with batteling during flowering. expect 10-25% yeilds.

    or go chemy. i prefer to not smoke systemic chemicals in my flowers.

    azmjmedman Member

    I have those little bastards too about 5 weeks in bloom. I was able to knock them back a little with SNS 203 and have some nematodes showing up today to help keep them at bay. Hopefully I can last a few more weeks. There is really not too much visible damage so maybe I caught them in time.
    Kal, what kind of spectracide do you use?. I saw they have like ten different kinds at Lowes.

    BeaverHuntr Well-Known Member

    Do you think your nematodes will survive after you drenched the pots with SNS??

    azmjmedman Member

    I sure hope so. It was over a week ago and the sns is just clove oil and a few other ingredients. A lot of reading I have done suggests doing a pyrethum drench and then adding nematodes. If they can survive pyrethum I hope they can survive the sns.

    BeaverHuntr Well-Known Member

    Ahh , I love using predator bugs. I have used nematodes for quite a few years for gnat issues and what not. Good luck dude.

    azmjmedman Member

    Thanks. I'll make sure to let the community know how it goes.
    Lucius Vorenus

    Lucius Vorenus Well-Known Member

    Signs of root aphids?

    purklize Active Member


    BeaverHuntr Well-Known Member

    I never had them but from what I read they make your leaves yellow like they were at the end of the flowering phase, oh and aphids always have those dual exhaust pipes so if you see a bug with the dual exhaust pipes its aphids.

    jcdws602 Well-Known Member

    I use the bayer fruit and veggie as well,that stuff works wonders, but don't use it too far into flower as it stays in the plants system for a while (you should still be fine)......anyways you do a root drench like you already have.......but, and it is very important... that you spray everywhere and anywhere you can,if you had winged bastards they laid there eggs everywhere....spray the walls,floor,light hoods,ceiling,trays.............just spray everything with bayer......and about 3 days later spray again.....if you do this diligently....you will beat these f'kers no prob........

    azmjmedman Member

    Quiet but vicious, root aphids are the worst pest that a Cannabis gardener can face. Commonly confused with fungus gnats, even by experienced growers, root aphids are a separate and significantly more aggressive pest facing Cannabis gardeners today. Proper diagnosis between these pests is crucial in order to control them. Aphids are notorious for their ability to adapt to new environments, especially when it comes to developing resistance to chemical controls. To effectively control these pests using biological methods, insect eating worms called parasitic nematodes can be recruited to hunt down root aphids. There are also certain types of fungi that infect and grow on insects, killing them in the process. The key to using these biological products effectively is to understand the type of environment that favors the growth of the product, whether it is an insect or a fungus. When properly applied, these biological controls offer more complete control over aphid populations than chemical controls.

    copied from a website...of course
    KAL EL

    KAL EL Well-Known Member

    Spectracide Triazicide Insect Killer Once & Done Concentrate

    purklize Active Member

    Root aphids aren't even close to the worst pest you can face. They're easy to beat. Read my post I linked to.

    Russet mites are the real nightmare. There is no known method of control that eradicates them. They always come back. You have to trash your entire garden and meticulously sterilize everything in the room. They infect seeds, too, and their eggs can remain on the buds, so if you handle the bud and then touch a clean plant... it'll come right back.

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