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romulan federation seeds

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by critterville, Jan 21, 2009.


    critterville New Member

    hi all ,
    just wanted to give a smoke report on some romulan i harvested about a month ago.. sorry no pics too risky in my book posting things like that..it sure is pretty purple stalk highly dense frosty gleaming nugs.very very stoney to the point of needing to sleep...my only real beef was the taste, i don't think romulan has the best taste i grew just to check the hype out on this strain..it gets a 6-7 in my book .. i think this strain is more for looks and bedtime.. i am sure i'll get blasted by romiheads but i'll stick with an up buzz and a smoother taste..i used ocean forest and ageold grow and bloom and backstrap molasses harvested when trichs were about 40% amber 60 cloudy..well enjoy guys i am going to my freezer for some mr. nice black widow and letting my friens have the romulan!!!

    kittykronic New Member

    would have like to c some pics..but i also heard romulan is less than tasty..

    coolkid.02 Well-Known Member

    I grew romulan x grapefruit from next generation and was not impressed with the taste or the harvest. I haven't given up on the legend of this strain, but it'll be awhile before I purchase some more seeds.

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