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rockwool conditioner ? do i need this?

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by mixin, Sep 27, 2008.


    mixin Well-Known Member

    on my current grow (i am a newbie to hydro) i didn't use rockwool conditioner but i did let it soak for a little while in ph'd water. should i have used ph conditioner like this Europonic Rockwool Conditioner, gal - Worm's Way or is it a waste of money?
    Al B. Fuct

    Al B. Fuct once had a dog named

    Waste of money, unless of course you have a lot of unruly flyaway rockwool which is difficult to style. :lol:

    RW cubes should be soaked in pH 5.0 water for 24h before use. Drain them FULLY of the pre-soak with a salad spinner- beats getting tennis elbow from shaking the excess soaking soln out of the cubes by hand and is more effective at removing the pre-soak soln than shaking it out by hand to boot. Salad spinners should be available at your local grocery or dollar shop.

    Clone watering soln should be pH 5.8 water with H2O2 50% grade @ 1ml/L.

    Lots of RW cloning detail here: http://www.rollitup.org/hydroponics-aeroponics/15030-batch-clones-rockwool.html
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    aero master

    aero master Active Member

    waste of money for sure.

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