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ROCK nutrients, give it a try

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by smashie55, Jul 6, 2012.


anyone tried rock nutrients?

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    smashie55 Member

    hello all.

    recently i have used rock nutrients. they have 2 products RESINATOR and SUPERCHARGE. the resinator is a bloom enhancer like cool bloom and such. the supercharge is a root tonic. i have used just about everything under the sun in my growing career and just got pretty dang good results.

    I particularly love the resinator, it has a 1-4-16 NPK. i like to be agressive with it, so far so good.

    does anyone else use rock nutrients? or had any success with them?

    Id love to hear from yall

    InsaneMJ Well-Known Member

    Haven't used the supercharged, and my understanding the resinator is not like the kool bloom. Kool bloom is used as a bloom booster or pk booster. The main purpose of the resinator is not to be a booster but more like an additive like bud candy. It supposedly increases resin production, trich production, and helps with density of the flowers.

    InsaneMJ Well-Known Member

    It's the same exact concept as bud factor x off an's nute line. Except now it's about 20$ cheaper

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