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Ritalin injectable, snorting all that good shit

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by mr.man, Jul 27, 2009.


    SlikWiLL13 Well-Known Member

    did he really just say, 'nukka'? :lol:

    uhh, thats not freebasing dipshit :dunce:

    for realsies. why dont you just stick it in your ass? less chances for complications if you really have no morals when it come to getting high.:hump:

    vertise Well-Known Member

    your a fucking idiot. like seriously let me know beyond the grave. why not just inject speed.

    vertise Well-Known Member

    i say you do 100 miligrams with 10 cc of water. and then i will not have to hear such a stupid comment on this site. seriously i am mad that anyone would post this shit.

    g00sEgg Well-Known Member

    Yeah, he's an idiot...but why give him intentionally wrong information...that would obviously kill him. Maybe he's SO stupid...that he goes and uses your info, then how would you feel?

    vertise Well-Known Member

    i hope that he would sense my sarcasm but about 10 years ago i was given a hundred milligrams to take at a single time of adderal and it was horrific. i am not giving real advice just saying hey stop doing something that needs to be injected and that is dumb. maybe i should have been more sarcastic but i do get your point. then again i am impartial to the idea of life after i have told friends in a nice way to stop shooting up and now they are dead.

    vertise Well-Known Member

    drugs in pill form are not meant to be injected. doctors give these things to help not to abuse and drugs like pot that are illegal are there because social ideals prehibit them

    FrontaLobotomy Well-Known Member

    Injecting Ritalin? Wouldn't it be better and safer to procur liquid Valium on the black market? I mean, injecting something that started out in pill form doesn't sound like a very good idea. In fact it sounds like a terrible one.

    vertise Well-Known Member

    like think about it a dab of pure caffeine would kill you. a dose so small that you couldnt measure it. why shoot up ritalin.

    vertise Well-Known Member

    ritalin is like speed... and valium is like H. its opposite but yes the idea of injecting anything is dumb.

    SlikWiLL13 Well-Known Member

    its just sad that someone needs to get that high that bad that they are willing to go to such lengths.:spew:

    DrUgZrBaD Well-Known Member

    Be sure to fill the needle with air. :hug:

    chitownsmoking Guest

    lol this kid prolly died after mainlining ritalin.

    casegrower Active Member

    Injecting anything without proper knowledge of where to inject, right amount, filtering ect just seems like a really bad idea. I am guessing that it will have the same effect as swallowing it.

    is there any way to inject THC? I want to get high faster. I am sick of waiting the 1-3 mins for weed to kick in when I smoke it.

    TVMASDL Active Member

    I think he's dead...


    cackpircings Well-Known Member

    hahahah.... nice:joint:

    .Calico Active Member

    This has turned into the classic "my drug is better than your drug". Potheads/trippers think heroin users are scum, Heroin users think drinkers are scum, and drinkers think all drug users are scum. However, we all agree that Ritalin Boy is scum. When i read "put the powder and H2O in the syringe and shake it", i almost shit myself. Whoever told him that likes him about as much as we do! lol! It's obvious he's a high school delinquent hard-up to fit-in and impress his friends. I won't talk smack about shooting up because i do it. To each his own. The drugs a person does doesn't define them. There are some heroin users with very high values and some straight-edgers that are pure evil. For example, Dr Join Hopkins IVed morphine for the last 60 years of his life, Adolf Hitler on the other hand started out as a vegetarian, never drank, and was a faithful husband (he did turn into am addict later in life though). Of all people, RIU members should be the last to criticize a persons' drug use. Unless ofcourse, you want to IV Ritalin. It's beyond pathetic, it's a cry for help. The kid probably isn't even old enough to purchase syringes. And if I knew his parents, I would totally snitch on him.what a sad, attention starved, likely impotent, sexually confused boy. Ladies be warned, this is what happens when you share needles with the mentally handicap. The poor boy caught mongloid fever.

    chitownsmoking Guest

    junkies, crackheads, and speed freaks are has low has it gets

    Ichi Well-Known Member

    I believe shooting ritalin is as low as it gets. lol. In the 6th grade I ate an entire box of nutmeg trying to get high.

    chitownsmoking Guest

    i forgot huffing gasoline to thats real low

    robtoker New Member

    what a fucking idiot what the fuck is wrong with these junkies dam

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