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Rick Simpson Oil Cures Cancer?... Is it all BS?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by m420p, Feb 2, 2013.


    m420p Well-Known Member

    Alright, I'm sure this is a topic that has come up before but I need to speak my mind. If your not familiar, Rick Simpson oil was made from a Canadian named, you guessed it, Rick Simpson. He supposedly made his oil and give it away to cancer patients to "cure cancer." He has a video on youtube I believe is called "Running from the Cure." The problem I have with it is I have 2 family members with lung cancer at the moment. My mother swears this stuff cures cancer and she says she knows someone who has cured their skin cancer by applying it to the skin. I feel that this is creating a false hope for her and my family members. I find it hard to believe that something that "cures" cancer would be such a secret for so long. I have searched and searched for documented legitimate cases where it has cured cancer and can't find any anywhere. I found a guy on youtube who was documenting his treatment and did it for a while but there was no progress and he eventually quit posting videos. Not to mention if you know the story of Rick Simpson. He actually got raided and was facing charges at around the time this became public so it sort of makes you wonder if they didn't market it as a Cancer Cure to keep him out of jail, because it worked and he got no charges brought against him even though they took all his growing equipment. It just seems fishy to me. Any thoughts?

    vilify Well-Known Member

    it can and will when used properly. cant tell you what is proper for each type of cancer.

    m420p Well-Known Member

    And how can you say that for sure? Isn't a "cure" suppose to "cure" everyone of whatever it's suppose to "cure"? So by saying it "cures" cancer they are saying it will "get rid of cancer" period... Chemo is considered a treatment, not a "cure", yet it can "get rid of cancer" for some. I have seen cases where the oil has not worked... so how can it be a "cure". I'm not saying marijuana doesn't have any medicinal purposes or that it doesn't "treat" cancer, but to call it a "cure" angers me with the way my mom talks about. I guess any hope at all is better than none.

    budman111 Well-Known Member

    Treatment can lead to cure - no one said it will

    whocares100 Active Member

    Well so far it's working for someone I know, no medicine works for everyone, but the Oil has been our only hope and it's working!!!

    althor Well-Known Member

    For many many years we have all known that MJ kills cells (brain cells are always pointed at). With intense studies over the past 10 years we now know that not only does it kill cells, it will attack MUTATED and weak cells first. Cancer cells fall into this category.

    You seem to be as stubborn against the possibility of it working as your mother is that it WILL work.

    Maybe it is somewhere in the middle. I know I wouldn't neglect trying anything my mother was willing to try.

    My father and uncle both recently died of cancer (uncle within the last month) and both refused to try any MJ.
    Well, I am willing to say, if they could come back and do it over again, they would be using the heck out of cannabis.

    I found it especially aggravating that they were just fine with having radiation and morphine injected into them regularly, but OH MY GOD NO WAY WILL I USE MJ! IT IS SOOO BAD!

    Our government has really screwed up people.

    m420p Well-Known Member

    Did you read my previous post at all? I never said I wasn't down for trying it, Don't put words in my mouth, and if you would have taken the time to comprehend what I said, you would see "Maybe it is somewhere in the middle" is where I feel it's at. I don't doubt that it kills cancer cells and may get rid of some cancer but the problem I have with it is how they call it a cure. To me it can only hurt it's chances of getting out there. For example, that guy who documented his treatment on youtube, I watched his videos every week. It was doing nothing for his cancer and he eventually stopped posting videos. So how does he feel about that Rick Simpsons oil(if he can feel anymore) when someone asks him about that what is he going to say. Probably that it is BS. If it was called a treatment then he could say, well it didn't work for me.

    I get it, I'm arguing against them calling it a cure, sure it seems pretty stupid. But if you guys would hear how she talks about this stuff. Her BF who was her HS sweetheart and now they are back together decades later, has Lung Cancer really bad, has gone through Chemo and had multiple surgeries and it has gone into remission and come back multiple times. It's like shes 100 % positive that this stuff will heal him and I have my doubts, though I don't tell her that, especially with it being Lung Cancer, skin cancer I wouldn't.

    Do doctors tell family members they have a 100 % chance of living when their honest opinion is 75%, No they tell them 50%... You get where I'm coming from?

    Bumbaclat Active Member

    M420p, why are you so angry over this? Maybe it works, maybe it doesn't. Maybe it works for some, not all. I don't think anybody is promising you 100% that it will cure your ill family members but what is the game in trying? The downside is they're out a few thousand bucks for oil. The upside is that they've cured their cancer.

    Bumbaclat Active Member

    You edited your last post. Now my comments look weird.
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    m420p Well-Known Member

    OK.... please reread my post. Thank you for stating the obvious...

    vilify Well-Known Member

    tests that were done that proved that it "cures" cancer were done by injecting cancer cells.
    oil alone will not get enough medicine to the point in every case. like i said, there are different ways for different types of cancer.

    like smoking can help prevent the spread, but will likely not cure.

    and weed isnt everything. if she wants to beat cancer, she also needs to change her diet.

    m420p Well-Known Member

    Ya I took a step back a bit and edited that comment, but how can you think I wasn't game for trying it? Didn' you read my previous comment? How are you guys thinking I'm not game for trying it or I think it does not treat cancer at all. I feel you guys are not reading my comments fully...

    "And how can you say that for sure? Isn't a "cure" suppose to "cure" everyone of whatever it's suppose to "cure"? So by saying it "cures" cancer they are saying it will "get rid of cancer" period... Chemo is considered a treatment, not a "cure", yet it can "get rid of cancer" for some. I have seen cases where the oil has not worked... so how can it be a "cure". I'm not saying marijuana doesn't have any medicinal purposes or that it doesn't "treat" cancer, but to call it a "cure" angers me with the way my mom talks about. I guess any hope at all is better than none. "

    You guys are missing my point. It will crush my mother if this stuff does not work because she is so sure it will. I knew I'd be knocking on a brick wall with this because I'm asking a bunch of Marijuana supporters but come on guys...

    m420p Well-Known Member

    Sounds all good when its hearsay... she doesn't have the cancer.

    vilify Well-Known Member

    well being lung cancer I would have them vape at least once a day as well on top of oil. get a high CBD strain.

    vilify Well-Known Member

    well it still goes for whoever it is. diet is just as important as the treatment.
    Canna Connoiseur

    Canna Connoiseur Active Member

    The process in making oil may be the problem in some cases as well. I mean they are using solvents to extract the oil for from the bud. Sometimes people may be using it properly or not. For internal issues you may have to get it injected and etc. So there is a lot of gray area.
    You will not get a definitive answer ever. Sometimes hope is a good thing before you leave this place. Stop complicating this and let people live. It is up to her.

    m420p Well-Known Member

    Ya, I hear ya.

    m420p Well-Known Member

    I'm not complicating anything and what? Do you think I'm sitting here telling her to not try the oil because there's no guaranteed ? She doesn't even know about any doubts I have. I'm actually the one making the oil using my material.

    TicKle Active Member

    regardless of any medical facts, maybe just the 'placebo' effect is a good thing? it's better than the alternative, i have seen the alternative, where someone feels there is no hope and all is only a matter of time, and if i could of made any of there time here more hopefull, then i would have, so keep doing what your doing, giving your mum hope :)
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    x iGrow x

    x iGrow x Active Member

    Maybe she just wants something that gives her hope.. So if it works or it doesnt does it really matter, at least they had some hope in the end..

    However, in my opinion based on the stories that I have heard from many people who had/have cancer, and are cured/regressing of/in the disease I would say that it has the potential to help cure cancer.. And if used in conjuction with other natural preventives it would have a much higher potential.. But to totally discredit something based off the fact that it is illegal is ridiculous..

    Chemo therapy has been around for years, and in my opinion kills more people than it cures, and no many people discredit it.. In my opinion a natural therapy would be much better for a cancer patient.. But Im not a doctor.. Nor do I see the multi-millions or billions that cancer research grosses, or the other millions and billions that cancer therapy grosses.. Basically what Im saying is why would doctors or government have someone cured by a natural remedy, that cant be patented, and that costs next to nothing in comparison, when they could keep pumping someone full of drugs, charging them fuckloads of money for the drugs, and hospital visits and all the other monetary complications that go along with it.. Cancer makes governments money, its sad but true.. Its a multi-million/billion dollar business, this revenue would be completly done if there was a cure for cancer.. Which is why one of the reasons Rick Simpson fled the country, because even if he had the cure for cancer, no one is going to acknowledge it, especially since it is a cure that is formulated from and illegal plant..

    Rick Simpson, fled the country of Canada to Europe because the Canadaian government wanted to charge him for drug traffiking, solely because marijuana is illegal.. The government didn't research the Rick Simpson Cure to see if it was viable or not.. So, how could you beleive one over the other, you say that it won't work because it's illegal, and because the government doesn't recognize it,, Even though there are many cases of Pheonix Tears AKA Rick Simpson Oil working for many people.. I personally know of at least 5 cases in my hometown that Pheonix Tears has helped to cure there ailments, from cancer to brain tumors..

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