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Rhode Island MMJ - Protect Yourself and OUR Rights

Discussion in 'Legal Edge' started by Sheesh420, Jul 13, 2013.


    Sheesh420 Member

    I have a lot of friends running around like weed is totally legal now since they got state plastic.

    With respect to the fact that an RI MMP card holder can have up to two MMC's plus their own grow and that MMCs can have plastic for up to five MMPs and add in the vague Rules and Regulations handbook and a seven amendments since the program was established. All of these amendments are confusing and the loopholes are so open to interpretation and there's so much overlap on the verbiage and in-between the lines facts that people are interpreting it however they want which is setting themselves up for legal prosecution and it's starting to give RI's MMJ program a bad rep which is bound to haunt us all in the future.

    I'd like to start a thread for RI'ers to discuss facts and dispel ignorance:


    I'll start - Rep for the first one who can tell me the laws around selling and distributing genetics. All the people in RI selling clones on CL should pay careful attention.

    SxIstew Well-Known Member

    The law(According to the edward o. hawkins and thomas c. slater medical marijuana act) says nothing about it.

    However from what I have read over the last year or so and in my own experiences.

    Patients and Caregivers alike can GIVE up to 12 plants to another LEGAL card holder as long as it does NOT exceed their maximum plants allowed......
    No money is to be given as a donation in this case, unless they are registered under you.
    You can only collect a donation from YOUR patients. anything else is illegal and considered drug dealing regardless of plastic or not.....

    However even this is within the GREY area we walk all over as is........ Unless the person you plan to give USEABLE marijuana to is signed under you. it's not TECHNICALLY legal to even GIVE plants away........

    UNUSABLE marijuana, Seeds, stalks, and other things, have no maximum.

    I don't care too much about the added rep, I'm responding because no one else has. and the post is outdated by a month. :)

    Selling clones to anyone online is illegal. The RI state police troll the site for people willing to just give up their information for a little extra cash, thinking they have someone interested in clones and find out the cops raid their grow and shut them down..........

    Overages are another thing. People offering other MMC or MMP patients overages. Just so everyone is aware. there ARE cops who have MMP cards and MMC cards... Real and Fake. So beware of that. they can get their meds one day and shut you down the next if your grow is not up to regulations..........

    Take care and keep growing........


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