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RH 54% yet bud is sticking together in mason jar

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by vinny2times, Aug 12, 2017 at 8:56 PM.


    vinny2times Active Member

    Hi everyone. I dried my bud for 6 days and thought they were ready to go in the mason jars. I have the jars filled halfway and the RH is 54% and this is day 3, but the bud is still sticking together. Is this ok? What should I do?

    rollyouron Well-Known Member


    Hammerhead571 Well-Known Member

    yes.. I seal my packs at 59%.

    rollyouron Well-Known Member

    And yes if you have to much weed in jar they will stick.

    vinny2times Active Member

    I have those, but I read even if the RH is between 55-62% it's still bad if they stick. The jars are only half full. Should I not worry about sticking or mold as long as the RH is 58-62% and I'm burping every day?

    macsnax Well-Known Member

    At that rh you shouldn't have to worry about mold unless there was mold from the grow or somewhere else.... It doesn't mean that the insides of the buds don't have more moisture in them than the outside. Meaning, the buds are sweating moisture from the inside out. You might want to find another hygrometer to use as reference to the one you have. I could be wrong but it sounds like a low rh reading with what you explain.

    ANC Well-Known Member

    What are you testing with? Get a nice horse hair hygrometer off e-bay, The cheap electronic ones are shit.
    They even have synthetic hair ones for a bit cheaper, somewhere in the $20 range

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    Hammerhead571 Well-Known Member

    Anything below 60% is fine. No lower then @58% for me. Mold sets in naturally as wet organics decay. Cannabis is no different. If the flowers are to wet when sealed it will mold. Has nothing to do with how sticky they are. The less moisture you have the drier the flowers will be. This is not rocket science any Humidor Hydrometer will work.
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