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Review: Solis Tek Matrix

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by vilify, Apr 11, 2012.


    vilify Well-Known Member


    My thoughts Thus Far:

    Remote - LOVE IT. Sync your ballasts to the remote to control wattage, timer, and light cycle. Simply set the wanted start time, and light cycle on the remote, point to the ballast, and press the sync button.

    Built-In Timer - Makes everything so much easier. I was running multiple timers for my lights before. While you can argue you can buy a cheaper ballast and buy a light controller and get the same effect. These do not need to be plugged into the same power to sync the timing. Gives you more freedom on light placement.

    Other Thoughts - From limited experience, and I will be further testing this, both ballasts I have purchased have put out more lumens from the same bulb on a magnetic ballast. Boost settings at all wattages are nice for those finishing weeks, while maintaining a boost that doesn't sacrifice as much bulb life as others.
    Along with other digital's this housing stays COOL. At Room Temp, before being plugged, they stay COLD to the touch. I have yet to experience any extreme heat from these ballasts while powered, maybe more runtime will change that.
    Comes with 240v power cord, something I will be taking advantage of in the future. My power is limited due to my living situation, so the Ignition control saves me. Without ignition control, I would not be able to run these in my current situation.
    You do not need to unplug these after an outage, or after a quick adjust. The multiple times I have done this, the ballast handles everything with the Ignition Control/SenseSmart tech.

    Thanks for reading the limited review. Just posted this as a potential helper for people looking into buying a new ballast.

    Plant results will be posted in the future, as I am in the process of starting from Seed.

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    Joedank Well-Known Member

    Nice I will be looking into this for the future;)

    RobTheViking420 Member

    You shoulda waited until they come out with the new model with the internal flip flop as well, but they are still damn nice.

    vilify Well-Known Member

    Not useful in my case. Price may be lower on these, but no worries

    SUPERBONG Member

    What happens to the timer when the power goes out? I have the non remote model and like it a lot.

    vilify Well-Known Member

    it saves the schedule for 6 hours i think it is. has a little battery, 3025 or something similar. like a cmos battery

    wontazute Active Member

    How do u manually turn one of these ballast on when it's in off mode
    Boyz N Da Hood

    Boyz N Da Hood Well-Known Member

    where did you see this? i was about to get a few but it these are going to come out soon i may hold off til they do

    vilify Well-Known Member


    wdomkr1 New Member

    hey guys, dontwaste your money. my 3 month old solistek matrix failed and shitcanned mycrop 2 weeks before harvest. i would not recommend this POS to anybody!

    vilify Well-Known Member

    my 2 year old matrix is still running like the day i bought it.

    heard of a warranty?

    BluJayz Well-Known Member

    Been looking at this curious to hear more.
    Kind Sir

    Kind Sir Well-Known Member

    So whats up with the solis tek matrix?

    I want a bad ass ballast.

    Is quantum

    galaxy grow amp

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