Reverse osmosis, remineralization or not??

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    MynamewouldbeJosh420 Active Member

    When selecting a reverse osmosis system should I get the one that has a remineralization stage to add trace minerals back into the water? Im not sure if it is better to just add micro nutes and cal mag or if the trace minerals help.
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    chernobe Active Member

    No, just buy a bottle of cal-mag :)

    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    Depends. How much more does it cost?

    A bottle of micros or cal/mag will work just fine.

    You are correct about having to choose one. RO or distilled water can actually rob nutrients from the plant.
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    MissyGoddess Member

    I use a 7 stage RO/DI setup for my water. I never trust a TDS reading above 0 because it means there is something in the water I didn't put in it and I have no idea what it is unless I test for it. ;) Just speaking for myself and coming from a reef aquarium background where water quality and parameters are of the utmost importance.
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    MynamewouldbeJosh420 Active Member

    Thanks I am probably going to get a 5 stage that has Reverse Osmosis and Deionization, but going to skip the added minerals. I am also going to be drinking the water and I don't really like water with added minerals. Being able to control exactly what gets added makes more sense

    MynamewouldbeJosh420 Active Member

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    MynamewouldbeJosh420 Active Member

    It only costs about $40 more for the extra minerals stage, but I'm gonna skip it

    p0opstlnksal0t Member

    Check out apec they are American made RO untis. You can also use a big blue filter housing with crushed sea coral calcium filter to remineralize

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    MynamewouldbeJosh420 Active Member

    Those are the exact ones I've been looking at, they have portable ones that attach to the sink

    Fastslappy Well-Known Member

    just a R/O system is fine , no need to add back anything if your organic then your mix will handle the R/O just fine like rain water ,
    for bottled nutes add your Cal/Mag to the R/O water 1st before adding anything else to the water Very Important !
    keeps the nutes from combining into solids & settling useless on the bottom of of yer res / tank / bucket
    when mixing up your nute concoction pay attn to the fact if u add your cal/mag after adding the nutes it will soon be sand like
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    chernobe Active Member

    Been using hydrologic for years. Good products

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