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Revenge on ex-gf

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by Splinter88, Jul 9, 2013.


    Splinter88 Well-Known Member

    I have pictures of her blowing me...she teaches Highschool. Ideas are running rampant in my brain right now. Ruining her livelihood like that would be quite cruel, but then again, revenge is a bitch. And i'm not going into detail ..but she deserves a little humble pie. Any not so saintly thoughts on how i could fuck with her using these pictures? Other then sending them to her parents lol.

    kinetic Well-Known Member

    Not cool. Ruining someones professional life is not cool.
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    Firstoffallen Active Member

    Better hope your secrets arent worse than hers bro lol hope you dont have illegal grows of anykind "No wrath like a women's scorn"

    neosapien Well-Known Member

    You could grow up and move on.

    beardo Well-Known Member

    who cares?
    All women suck cock so what's the big deal?
    And you say she teaches so she's grown and you're going to show her mom?
    Her mom sucks cock too, so do you think she will be shocked?
    All you are going to do is fuck it up for yourself and the next guy, why traumatise her out of sucking cocks, it's a good thing she's doing, you should be happy she blew you, get over it and find another lady to blow you
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    ASMALLVOICE Well-Known Member

    How you react to someone says more about you, than it does about them.



    zack66 Well-Known Member

    Let it go man. Be happy you got a little. Careful Karmas a bitch.
    stoned cockatoo

    stoned cockatoo New Member

    dumb idea. I know how you feel though.. I had vids of one of my ex smashing herself and as tempting as it was at the time to do something with them its a pretty fucked thing to do and id imagine you will feel like a asshole later down the track, if she was the one that fucked up let her be the asshole instead of joining her

    best thing is to delete them pics. you don't want to see that bitch naked anymore anyway

    Xrangex Well-Known Member

    Are teachers not allowed to suck dick outside of school? You'd just be the asshole who showed the pictures

    slowbus New Member

    LOSER BITCH BOY you deserve you ass kicked

    mcrandle New Member

    I have female friends that show NO MERCY AND ARE RELENTLESS AT SHAMING THEIR EX's even though they were the ones that caused the break up. More power to you man. Females, from experience will LIE LIE LIE to their friends about shit that never happened. (again, I have too many female friends that confirm this) So let me give you some advice about shaming that bitch......pm me

    and you can do it with the utmost anonymity. Females get away with shaming men way to much now a days, but they stop when they meet an asshole like me. They are cowards. Let me help you
    eye exaggerate

    eye exaggerate Well-Known Member

    ...think of this situation as a pendulum and don't push.

    Firstoffallen Active Member

    here's a thought what if you get back together......?
    stoned cockatoo

    stoned cockatoo New Member

    think about when you have a new missus and if you found out someone was giving pictures of her sucking dick Id probably have a mental in your direction.

    in my opinion amateur porn is the best, and if a slut wants to have pictures or videos of her being a slut seen by the world then that's her choice. But if it was intended to be seen by just a certain person or not even anyone at all and someone shares it else where on any scale then i don't respect that in the slightest.

    even with some of my mates if they get pics of a lady they been banging the phone gets passed around really I couldn't care less about having a look. They probably think I'm secretly gay or something but i just don't respect it.

    I don't know if all these chicks with self portraits are just slutty or just dumb enough to think photos don't get shared around lol
    K J

    K J Active Member

    Did she actually do something or just dump you? If she just dumped you my advice would be quit being a pussy and get over it.

    kinetic Well-Known Member

    stoned cockatoo

    stoned cockatoo New Member

    i would like to hear this story..
    eye exaggerate

    eye exaggerate Well-Known Member

    ...here's another thought. Emailing pictures of your dck to semi-random people is more disturbing than a woman giving 'a peaceful state of mind' :)
    mr sunshine

    mr sunshine Well-Known Member

    Lmao the guy that made this thread ran away!!!

    blacksun New Member

    Are you really the type of scumbag that lures women into a false sense of security that the images you take of them performing sexual acts on you won't be used maliciously down the road, and then uses them exactly in that manner?

    Really think about this.

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