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Reveging a plant how long will it take after sexing preflowers?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by NoobgrowerLbc, Jan 7, 2011.


    NoobgrowerLbc Well-Known Member

    I am 10 days into flower and i see preflowers, i am re vegging it becuase of high male numbers so i am revegging the females along with newly added clones and vegging till the clones catch up. Clones had a 2 weeks vegg, the seed had 4 months vegg plus 10 day flower. How long till i see new growth?
    honest bob

    honest bob Member

    From what ive read it should take 10-14 days of 24 hours for them to get the idea. I am revegging 9 heavy duty fruity plants that I had to "shorten" they were over 6 feet tall and maxed out the height of the tent they are in. So I just "topped" them all down to 30 inches and put them back in 24 hours of light. These plants were almost 4 weeks into veg when I had to shorten them.

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