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Revegging a heat streesed plant?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by beelstyle, Jul 4, 2013.


    beelstyle Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, so I just harvested my og kush, it did not turn out so good due to the high temps 85-87F. I will stick to low temps from now on. My question is, I plan on revegging these plants because I know with the correct care and temps she prduces killer bud. Would revegging and switching it back to 18-6 heat stressed plants effect my new grow, will she go back to being the same as before. Thanks

    jojaxx Well-Known Member

    should be ok with temps under control for next grow, u can sure tell the difference once u correct a heat issue during a grow so I dont see why not.

    beelstyle Well-Known Member

    okay thanks for the info.

    bigsteve Well-Known Member

    My last 2 attempts at re-growing both failed due to the heat. I have been re-growing for years and know just what to do. My guess is that we need to double the amount we water when temps/humidity get higher than normal. Good luck, BigSteve.

    Jimdamick Well-Known Member

    It's just going to take a hell of a long time for that plant to recover to the point where you want it to bloom it again. Figure one month for recovery, and then you have to wait another 8 weeks for finish. Too much shock. I would just get some female seeds and start over personally. Peace

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