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Reusing happy frog soil...

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by cadillacs, Nov 19, 2012.


    cadillacs Active Member

    Is it safe to reuse some happy frog soil from a previous grow? I was curious but have seen in done and worked well at least one more time of reuse... I'm assuming it has to be well flushed from the previous grow correct...?? What you guys think?.....

    giggles26 Well-Known Member

    I would highly suggest just buying some new soil. Even with a good flush you still might end up with something you might not want. I mean a bag of happy frog is what like 18$? I think that it's in your best interest to just get some new soil man.

    This is just IMO so don't take what I say to heart as what is working for me may not work for you.

    coocoo Active Member

    its not only about it being safe man. Part of the reason FF OF and HF are used is because of the goodies in them. They are all used up by the time u harvest. You would need to replenish all the nutrients and worm castings and bat guano and so on. A bag is 12 - 15 bux..... Reusing soil is not gonna be in your favor just to save 12-15 bux.

    thafoot Active Member

    I had the same question. I ended up mixing some new HF into it tho. And just watch for a defiancy. Having that same question opened up my eyes to losing nute bottles and just amending soil with all the good "shit". true organic

    Endur0xX Well-Known Member

    yep I dont plan on buying soil for a while... I am experimenting with re-using my supersoil with bokashi ... that would only work in an organic setting, bokashi is made with effective microorganism, wheat bran and sugar ... so it's a living thing and I am guessing it would just die if you were to mix it in soil that had chemical fertilizers ... basically the bokashi speeds up the composting process and eat all the leftover roots from the soil.

    I am only starting to experiment with this but I have a few plants in my garden that are almost done that were in re-used SS and they look great.

    Another I would like to bring the OP's attention is commercial growers re-use their soil all the time, not sure how they flush it, but think about it ... again though commercial weed is crap,... so it would work but you are takin risk if you dont know what you are doing plus if you are using chemical fertilizer, buy a new bag like others said

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