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Retired Highway Patrol Pilot, Spots Hundreds of Gardens in Career, Faces Prison Time

Discussion in 'Marijuana News From Around The Globe' started by sweettoothforsweetdreams, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. A Retired Highway Patrolman who typically worked the roads...from the air, unconstitutionally slapped people with speeding tickets from above (by dispatching a ground unit, and calculating speed with a stopwatch and watching mile-markers), also aided in the discovery, and seizure of hundreds of Marijuana gardens in his lifetime. I don't know the exact figure, but I do know that in one single day, he was known to have spotted over 20 gardens from the air.

    A large garden in the area he worked was at least over 500 plants from what I can remember.

    Another occurrence I had remembered him telling my friend, was that once a young 16-year old kid was caught with a plant, and in hopes that he could save his baby, the kid ran from him...But that didn't stop the jaws of the law from locking down on him. This Highway Patrolman grabbed his heavy, D-cell battery weighted metal Maglite flashlight (about as big as a baton) and threw it at the kid, knocking the kid to the ground where he arrested him and saved the day.

    Now, probably 30 years later, this man is on bail, and awaiting the verdict in court, for molesting his great niece, who had down syndrome.
    Along with that, it was rumored that he may have raped his best friend's daughter way back when he was still an officer of the law. Or at the very least it was statutory rape.

    Now with that all said, he is a very mentally-ill man currently, but not to this degree at first glance. He masked his mental illness fairly well until all of this stuff was revealed.

    All in all, it really goes to show you how ignorant these people are, who are arresting us, and persecuting our freedoms, while at the same time somehow justifying in their own head, that incest, and molesting their family members is okay (as long as they can get away with it), but a kid growing a plant, from water, dirt, and sunlight, is simply not acceptable, and is considered the menace to society in his own mind.

    bde0001 New Member

    This man you speak of is a sick fuck. I don;t know how he kept his job for as long as he did.
    stoned cockatoo

    stoned cockatoo New Member

    Paedophile police officer... was still a police officer so he will probably get off easy. disgusting cunt. hopefully he gets enough time to get his face used as a trampoline
    Kite High

    Kite High Well-Known Member


    gagekko Well-Known Member

    All pedos are scum... Not just cop pedos - I don't see what the point of the original post is?
    Kite High

    Kite High Well-Known Member

    He knew this asshat and the cop was going nuts busting growers.

    FR33MASON Active Member


    curious2garden Well-Known Member

    You know in every profession there are assholes. I don't think any profession has the corner on the asshole market.

    polyarcturus Well-Known Member

    no wonder some people dont show off their grows. that looks like something i built when i started growing.

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