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Resin balls - Can i put them it the fridge?

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by Raikou239, Oct 7, 2011.


    Raikou239 Member

    I'm interested to see how a resin ball would be if I were to put it in the fridge (freezer seems a little extreme). Anyone know or try it before? Any noticeable difference in quality? Anything that makes it not seem as if your smoking a bowl of desperation? haha

    Girdweed Active Member

    I keep all of my hash in the fridge in airtight containers. I can't notice any depreciable decay in quality.

    Raikou239 Member

    Nice ya, I would too but I'm talkin' bout black tar resin. The "I scraped my bowl 'cuz I'm out of weed" resin.

    xKuroiTaimax Well-Known Member

    Should be okay, but I worry about condensation. I take it it'll go too soft and sticky if you leave it at ambient temperature where you are? Maybe in those vacuum seal pots or something... Just somewhere cool and dry, like where you'd put cereal. I keep my stash in my book cupboard.

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