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reservoir seeds

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by mightystoned, Mar 2, 2009.


    mightystoned Well-Known Member

    Any one had experience wit RESERVOIR SEEDS? I can only find 3 of thier strains being sold thru seedboutique. There strains are suppose to be ill as fuck but i cant find a site to buy em at. The breeder (rezdog) is very well known for producing dope strains. There reasonably priced also.

    x420xTeXaN Well-Known Member

    i know i wanna get the super silver sour deisel haze strain but i can not find it anywhere

    mightystoned Well-Known Member

    no doubt...I was chekn that strain....I wonder if maybe the headshops in europe will sell dem

    NoSaint Well-Known Member

    you can only get his stuff from seedbay or seedboutique. He doesn't have a lot out right now.
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    mightystoned Well-Known Member

    have you grown his strains?

    NoSaint Well-Known Member

    I'm growing a couple strawberry diesels at the moment, but they aren't done yet.

    VirginHarvester Well-Known Member

    Yeah, def low on stock right now. In the past six months there was plenty available. The DSD seemed like a great deal at $40.
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    Hobbes Well-Known Member

    mightystoned here's a list of his strians that I've been collecting.


    Reservoir Seeds: The company that's a whole lot fucking crazier than you.


    Apollo Mist

    Devout followers of Kali Mist will be astounded at the flawless alchemy between their favorite smoke and the divine Apollo 11. Soaring to these stratospheric heights may initially startle the unprepared smoker (okay, the prepared smoker, as well), but her paralyzing G-force quickly turns to a long glide at light speed well before fear might otherwise set in. A pre-flight physical remains optional but is strongly encouraged. Those weak in the heart, head or mind are ill-advised to seek the counsel of this stellar spirit.
    Flowering time: approx. 65 days


    Basic Diesel

    Heirloom SSSC Skunk #1/Basic Diesel (aka M39) x ECSD

    An exceptional Sour Diesel hybrid. A combination of Sour Diesel and the SSSC's classic Skunk #1/B5. Old school meets New to outclass anything on the block. Yields will be MASSIVE and the best keeper moms will REEK of Sour Diesel, and finish in about sixty-five daze.


    Bottle Rocket

    Created from BCGA Killer Queen X Grimm's Durban/Thai~C99 (DTC99) fathers

    When Cinderella 99,Airborne's G13 and the Super Sativa Seed Club's Durban Thai Highflyer get in a three-way you know there's gonna' be some awe-inspiring mothers! These will be crystal-covered,golden girls that will make your friends drool with envy,even if they can't remember the pedigree after a bonghit! 55 days flower.



    This one's the replacement for the low-stock Basic Diesel line.
    M39's the Mom,the fathers are Sour Diesel of a different generation.
    Flowertime of 65-70 days....Fat yielder....


    DSD v2

    Four Double Sour Diesel males pollinated a few DSD girls that Rezdog selected for their traits that best resembled his Sour Diesel Clone Mom. Flowertime's gonna' run 60-80 days, but there's nothing but the best Sour genes in this batch.



    This hybrid's so explosive that we decided that only one name would do: Firecracker!
    A Willem's Wonder-dominate Willie D male pollinated two Willem's-dom pheno Willie D girls. The resulting variations will be spectacular,and will lean towards Willem's Wonder in pheno dominance.
    Flowertime: 60-70 days.


    Gonzo #1

    GONZO #1* (aka M39) (Heirloom Skunk#1/Basic5 x William's Wonder)

    Two absolute Classics meet up in an indica that's absolutely

    To be entered in the 2005 High Times cannabis Cup,indica division.
    Flowertime of 60 days,and watch out for The Skunk!


    Kill Bill

    KILL BILL (KQ x William's Wonder)

    Airborne's G13,Cinderella99,and William's Wonder all meet in a crowded bar.
    Guns are pulled.
    Pollen flies.
    Glands grow fat.
    Flowertime of 50-60 days.



    Created from Soma's NYC Diesel X Grimm's DTC99

    Soma's exceptional NYC Diesel meets Grimm/SSSC's Durban/Thai Cinderella 99... perhaps TOO psychedelic?... and certainly not for toying with heavy machinery under the influence of! Sweet and sour pineapple is the flavor for the 21st Century and this genetic set is pre-programmed for you! If you love the soaring sativa highlife then look no further! 55-60 flowering days.


    Orange Apollo

    Did someone say psychedelic? The hippie parents of this lovely hybrid beam with paisley pride over their sunny lovechild. A divine convergence of the legendary 1977 Aeric Cali-O clone and Apollo 11, she was then backcrossed once to Apollo 11 for stability.

    Fruity on the tongue and brain, her hashy-sweet kiss lulls the smitten smoker into mellow bliss before unbuckling the straps at nosebleed altitude. Her physical beauty holds you spellbound, but 65 days flowering makes all who grow her true believers in mind-expanding altered states.


    Omega Diesel

    What's in it?

    This a 100% proprietary recipe,Diesel-Family release.
    That's all I'll EVER say,some things are more fun when they're a mystery.
    Omega Diesel is NOT for breeding purposes,it is for growers that want nothing but The Best in Diesel lines in their gardens.

    What is it?

    An ultrapotent Diesel,is exactly what it is.
    How does it differ from Sour Diesel IBL?
    Grow it out and see what you think.
    (I'm not tellin'!)
    Flowertime's 65-75 days,limited release



    A select Sour Diesel incross. The Sour Diesel BX 1.5 inbreeding,stressing like physical similarities between the parents. As with all Sours,comprehensive odor control is a must. There's a reason Sour Diesel's SO sought after,it really is as good as people say it is!

    Petrol is a select Sour Diesel sibling incross. Users should avoid operating heavy machinery while under the influence of Petrol,but should have as much sex as possible while under its' most excellent influence. Flowertime 60-75 days,and a better-than-you'd think-for-Diesel yield will please even the most discerning palate.


    Princess Diesel

    The Grimm's legendary Ice Princess meets Sour Diesel.
    The focus on this hybrid was to add a sour lemon candy
    componant to the easy-cloning,fat-yielding,quick finishing,rock-solid
    Ice Princess.
    Flowertime of 56-65 days.


    Schroomy Deeze

    Schroomy's Schrom X Sour Diesel

    Schroomy's fabled SCHROM Clone meets up with the legendary Sour Diesel,causing palpitations in the hearts of sativa enthusiasts all over the planet! An absolute must-have for the serious sativa cannaseur. Psychedelic Vulcan mind-melt meets ethereal Sour Diesel. Obviously,a match made in Heaven. Only a few packs will be released,and they're exclusive to SeedBay-and 100% of the proceeds go to defer Tallpine's massive legal costs,incurred in a nasty brush with the law. Please,bid high and help keep the scales of justice balance. I appreciate your help and the concern for my friend.


    Sour Diesel BX 1.5

    Sour Diesel Clone X Sour Diesel/Soma's NYC Diesel.

    The flowertime will average 65-70 days, those of you who have the itch to grow sativa-doms in hydro will cut this time by 15%.


    Sour Diesel BX 2.5

    The second Sour Diesel backcross. The males used (seven) insure diversity in the BX,they were chosen for their traits that best resembled their Sour Diesel Clone Mother. Sour Diesel rightly deserves its' Premiere Reputation as some of the World's Finest herb, grow it yourself and see why!
    Flowering: 80 days
    Yield: 800+ grams per KW.


    Sour Diesel v 3 aka ECSD v3

    One more step in bringing you the perfect East Coast Sour Diesel mom for your garden. The best and most stable line yet.


    Sour Diesel IBL

    Winner, High Times Plant of the Year, 2005
    Multiple-Winner, IC Magazine Cup, 2005

    This is the final step in bringing you the Perfect Representation of the World-famous Sour Diesel Clone, in seed form.
    The Special Parents were chosen, and the seeds are finally done!

    The Sour Diesel Project's taken close to three years of focus, and the results will do nothing short of astonish true cannabis conneseiurs, the world over.

    The flowertime's approximately 75 days, indoors, and depending on geography, your outdoor Sour Diesel may take a bit longer to finish-or perhaps a be bit quicker, depending on how equatorial you are!
    The yield of the original Sour Diesel Clone has been dramatically improved upon,and the from-seed vigor that the clone is lacking is downright explosive in these Sour Diesel seeds!

    We reccommend serious odor control with all Sour Diesel genetics, including related hybrids, as the reek of these beauties is permeating, even brick walls are no match for her power!

    The high is soaring, psychedelic, and at times, completely out-of-control.

    This is The Original Sour Diesel, now available for anyone, not just a well-connected few, to grow....and it's My Pleasure bringing it to you, the Informed Grower.


    Sour Mist

    Four Double Sour Diesel males pollinated this perfect Dutch-Coffee Shop-Hazey Kali Mist Mom.

    If you're big into sativas,and don't mind a 70-80 day flowerperiod,then these are the genetics you want in your growroom.


    Sour Queen

    A very special creation from Reserviour Seeds....Rezdog's phenomenal Sour Queen: Killer Queen (AG13/C99) X Sour Diesel BX 1.5

    Sour Queen finishes in the sixties, and is awe-inspiringly powerful and a good yielder too.


    Sour Queen II

    Killer Queen meets Sour Diesel,redux.

    Absolutely fanfuckingtastic herb,
    an easy 20% tHc,
    Flowertime of about 60 days.
    Approximately 40 packs will be released.<-- Very limited


    Sour Wonder

    Williams wonder X DSD

    Flowertime's gonna run 60-70 days on these and they're gonna stink like holy hell...and knock you on your ass...but that's what it's all about, right?



    Created from Paradise's Sensi Star X Grimm/SSSC's DTC99

    Hard-core indica meets psychedelic tropi-sat....hence,the name! The big fat Sensi Star meets the slim, tropical DTC99....numbing indica meets extreme sativa....the goal is to meet in the middle.... and find the fusion...the space where all is nothing and nothing is everything......that is Speedball.


    Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze

    Rezdog has the perfect GH SSH mother for this scenario. Remember eating acid at university? This will be similar.


    Strawberry Diesel

    Two legendary genepools collide! The mega-tasty Kyle Kushman's Strawberry Cough Clone was bred to select Sour Diesel males to make up our newest offering for the 21st Century: Strawberry Diesel. Expect a flowertime in the sixties to mid-seventies, indoors or out.

    The Strawberry Diesel Mother Plant you will cherish most will taste of lemon-fuel and strawberries, and knock you into next week with the ethereal, soaring high.

    Strawberry Diesel is an Extremely Limited Edition, with less than 100 packs being released.


    Sweet Apollo

    Apollo11 X Sweet Tooth #3

    Don`t forget your toothbrush. Indulge your insatiable appetite for sweets with this unrivaled creme de la creme of cannabis delicacies. Apollo 11 is the cake; Spice of Life`s Sweet Tooth #3 the sparkling velvet glaze. Robust vigor and a sweet, seductive fragrance precede the 50 to 60-day baking time - a considerable accomplishment given the impresive yield. With buds as sticky as peanut butter and a thousand times sweeter, dessert freaks will return to this spectacular hybrid with alarming frequency. Calories, cavities and blood sugar levels shouldn`t be a problem... unless, of course, you`re eating this scrumptious creation - in which case, you could find yourself in serious trouble.


    Thunderfuck Diesel

    Grimm's MT x Sour Diesel

    Reservoir Seeds Proudly Presents: THUNDERF*CK DIESEL A 2005 Limited Edition Series Special Release The Mother is Grimm's matanuska Tundra,a/k/a Matanuska Thunderfuck. The fathers (I used seven) are a heavily-selected-for-ECSD -traits Sour Diesel backcross. Thunderfuck Diesel's an F1,they will be nicely uniform, 75/25 indi-sat,supremely STANKEY girlies that finish very (very)heavy....with a dominant Sour Diesel taste and high,at about 55 days of flowering,give or take a few days. Did I mention that the buds will be gorgeous?


    Quick Mist

    Quick Mist = Kali Mist/Mighty Mite

    The Mighty Mite genetics were introduced to get the flowertime shortened for short-season outdoor use,in particular,northern geographic areas.

    The Kali Mist used in both is the Pre-'98,Haze-dom phenotype in my gallery....it's the same one I used in my Projects many times before....

    Flowertime on the Quick Mist will average sixty days.


    Quick Mist Diesel

    QMD = Kali Mist/Mighty Mite/DSDv2

    The Mighty Mite genetics were introduced to get the flowertime shortened for short-season outdoor use,in particular,northern geographic areas.

    The Kali Mist used in both is the Pre-'98,Haze-dom phenotype in my gallery....it's the same one I used in my Projects many times before....

    For the Quick Mist Diesel,adding the Double Sour Diesel V2 to the gene pool proved a winning move,adding a limey sweetness to the funky Quick Mist....

    Flowertime on the Quick Mist Diesel should finish in under seventy daze.....


    William's Wonder BX#2

    The second BX to the William's Wonder Mother,I made these for my own breeding program reseach,but since I have some extras,I thought I'd let a few packs go.
    Sixty day flower and rediculously high yields of stinkey William's Wonder buds is the guaranteed outcome!


    William's Wonder IX-1

    William's Wonder IX-1 (The first sibling WW incross)

    Like William's Wonder?
    This is perfect William's Wonder.
    Flowertime of 55-65 days,insane yields,sticky and stinkey as hell.
    A Classic,what more can I say?


    William's Wonder Haze

    William's Wonder Haze (WWH) (GH SSH x William's Wonder)

    If growing Haze indoors seems a bit daunting,this will make it MUCH easier.
    An f1 hybrid,look for a 60-70 day finish and rediculous yields.

    This one will be a stinker,please use odor control responsibly.


    Willy's Wonderful Cindy aka Wonderella

    Willy's Wonderful Cindy (WWC) (C99 x William's Wonder)

    Sixty days to perfection. Increased yields from run-of-the-mill C99,with an indica punch, courtesy of Willy.


    Wonder Diesel

    Wonder Diesel (ECSD x William's Wonder)
    East Coast Sour Diesel meets William's Wonder.

    The first time around,Sour Wonder sold out too damn fast,so we made some more,using different fathers this time.
    A hit with everyone that's smoked it,nice and even-keeled,too much will f*ck you UP.
    Flowertime of 60-65 days is to be expected.


    Wonder Fuck Aka ThunderFuckin'Wonder

    Thunder Fuckin' Wonder (TFW) (Grimm's Matanuska x William's Wonder)

    Two Legends collide,this is the result.

    Heavy,fat indica buds with a hint of pine,hash,and deep FUNK.
    Flowertime of 55-60 days,lower-odor than you'd think but not short on PUNCH.


    Killer Apollo

    Killer Queen (AG13/C99) X Apollo 11 (Genius/C99)
    Flowertime 50-60 days.


    Incomplete and maybe inaccurate information below

    Apollo 11 G4

    A fourth-gen Apollo,selected for Genius traits.

    Flowertime 50-56 days.

    The nexus of Reservoir Seeds' Apollo 11 hybridization program. "T-Minus three... two... one. We have lift-off." Strap yourself down before taking this gleeful, mind-twisting ride. Derived from the near-mythical "Genius Pheno" of Apollo 11 fame, this extraordinary plant exudes a strong lemony fragrance & taste, and imparts a distinct euphoria of considerable duration.

    Ideal for curious minds &#8211; and even better for curious minds on road trips &#8211; the appeal of this craft lies in her ability to be profoundly energizing without the jittery discomfort of paranoia or the paranoid discomfort of being jittery. Ideal for finding your car keys or figuring out where your life went wrong, the utility of this plant is so vast that it is virtually uncharted. Brainiacs & severely impaired bongheads &#8211; mortals & demi-gods alike &#8211; will be forever changed after experiencing the happy glow of her touch.

    If the immaculate, long-lasting and one-of-a-kind buzz isn't enough to whet your appetite, consier the *absurdly* short 50-day photoperiod. Still, because of its profundity, once growers have a taste of Apollo 11 G4, they, like the rest of us, will ache for an even shorter time on the launch pad.


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    mightystoned Well-Known Member

    i just wish there was a spot to buy these strains

    mightystoned Well-Known Member

    i want that sour queen 2 damn

    Hobbes Well-Known Member

    His seeds are hard to come by, I'm waiting for the next auction to see what comes up. In the mean time I'm getting Strawberry Chem Diesel (order code 15 C) from Elite's site. Elite uses some of Rez' genetics, NoSaint refered me to the site.

    Nice people, very helpfull.

    http://elitegenetics.webs.com/Elite Genetics Seed Catalog '09.pdf



    mightystoned Well-Known Member

    wow those are some killa strains...i got look again! i was kind of diggin fire og kush

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