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Reputable seed banks?

Discussion in 'Seedbank Reviews' started by ZePequeno, Aug 6, 2011.


    ZePequeno Member

    Hi, I'm a total newbie and have been scouring the interwebz in search of a reputable bank. So far, Ive come across 420-seeds.com, Nirvanashop, and BCseedking, just to name a few. 420-seeds.com seems to have the best prices. They are even offering 10 complimentary Afghan seeds with any purchase over $60 excluding s&h, but it appears the jury is still out on this bank. So here I am, in desperate need of guidance. Please keep recommendations to first hand experience only, thanks.

    diesel15 Active Member

    sannies shop, mandala seeds, mr nice seeds and bcseedking all came through for me

    Banditt Well-Known Member

    You can't buy direct from MNS. He is looking for a bank not a breeder as well.

    Attitude works, little pricey. Lately I have been getting most of my stuff straight from the breeder through auction. Breedbay, seedbay etc.

    It's cheaper and you get top notch beans when you get them direct from the breeder.

    taipanspunk Active Member

    ...i use both attitude seeds and herbies for my varieties...
    Electronic Chaos

    Electronic Chaos Member

    Attitude is reliable. Absolutely. I literally got my package within 6 days (4 business day not including Saturday). I have no concerns with quality, as my thumb is permanently green, and that matters most! Never heard of a bad product from attitude.

    I will add, however, direct buying from a breeder is my next endeavor.

    cacamal Well-Known Member

    attitude, nrvana, sannies

    Marlboro47 Well-Known Member

    I went with nirvana last time,but im looking for a different seedbank.

    Feroce Well-Known Member

    I just received my 12th order from Sannies today...

    Blue Chocolate plus Dirty Harry x Dynamite freebies into the queue.

    What was the question again?:wink:

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