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Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by thekman1964, Aug 7, 2013.


    thekman1964 Active Member

    I have two plants on the go at the moment. Both germinated the same way, planted in the same soil, all conditions exactly the same. Under Blackstar 135w LEDS. Watered every second day with nite nutes. Both in 3 gallon pots. Neither have shown signs of sex yet.

    However at Week 8 (two weeks after starting flower) these same plants look very different from each other.

    Plant 1 - Smaller of the two plants. Good color, looks healthy but has small leaves. The root system seems OK as water drains fairly well from the pot when watered.
    Plant1 Side.jpg Plant1 Top.jpg Plant1 Pot View.jpg
    Plant 2 - Larger by about 20%. Leaves are starting to go a yellow color in some places. The funny thing about this plant is the root system. It is so much more dense that the other plant. Pushing a stake into the pot for LSTing is difficult for example. Also the root system is starting to bulge through the surface. It also takes forever for the plant to drain when watered. Obviously I have a pot size problem, but why? The other plant is fine?
    Plant2 Side.jpg Plant2 Pot View.jpg
    Anyway, some questions:

    How can two seeds from the same batch, grown in exactly the same conditions, end up so different plants?

    Repotting Plant 2 isn't an option due to space problems. Is it worth keeping, or is the problem terminal?

    Can you tell from the photos if I am doing OK with nutes?

    Thanks all so much.


    SxIstew Well-Known Member

    Just different Phenotypes......... They both look Nitrogen deficient. But I may be wrong(check here to figure it out). also Watering every other day? how much water?? I've got a Blue Dream in a 3.9GAL pot with a 400w MH and water her once a week AT MOST.
    Good luck.

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