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    JJH Member

    We just got a second clone last night. Really, It is more like a little plant already. It is about 9 inches tall with a fairly established root system. It was in a 1 quart container, which of course is not big enough.
    We just repotted it into its final container- a 5 gallon.
    Is the growth rate going to stop for a bit while the roots continue to fill out the pot?
    Not sure what to expect repotting such an established 'clone.'
    I'm not sure when I should be concerned if I don't notice a high level of growth

    superbub52 Active Member

    the roots should start stretching and you wouldnt notice much growth for a couple days

    wyteberrywidow Global

    Dont worry she will grow right on schedule.

    TheGreenBiologist Active Member

    Yea the growth-rate in the shoot-system will slow a little while the roots stretch/explore there new environment. But once the roots realize that everthing is good, they'll tell the shoots to grow accordingly. And then, crazy shoot growth-rate! haha

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