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Replicating the Aquamist I system...

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by DND, Jul 14, 2008.


    DND Well-Known Member

    I’m sure many of you have seen Seemorebuds “15lbs in 80 days” if not I highly suggest buying the DVD and watching it. In the video they use a hybrid aero system called the Aquamist I and I am sold on using this system to grow. It seems once you get everything dialed in (nutrients, ph) that this system is very maintenance free. In the video they only changed the nutrient solution once between veg/flower stages. They used the add back method and had little to no ph fluctuation.
    Anyhow, the only draw back to the system is the $500 price tag and as a DIY’er the system seems very easy to replicate if one could get the right sized reservoir. I called Aquamist and asked if they would sell me the reservoir separately and got lots of attitude from the person on the other end. Why? I have no idea; I was polite and asked a simple question. I’m asking all Aquamist users for some help with this one, are there any identifying markings on the reservoir such as a manufacturer name, part number…anything? This is my last hurdle in trying to duplicate this system, I know they use 3 Antelco sprayers and the plumbing is simply PVC hooked up to a 250gph magnetic drive pump. You help would be greatly appreciated. Seemorebuds?

    DND Well-Known Member


    420inmyapt Well-Known Member

    I was thinking the same thing, those are sweet ass systems, but the price tag has be Ebb and flowing still :) just call the company and say you put a big crack in your rez when you were storing the system and need a replacement... they should provide replacement parts right?

    DND Well-Known Member

    Email sent... will post reply tomorrow.

    whutsupevry1 Well-Known Member

    what are you building your top out of?

    DND Well-Known Member

    Sorry for not updating, but I've been busy with family in town. So, I did receive a response stating that the tubs are indeed custom made and they usually do not sell them separately. The cost is $150+ shipping per tub which is expensive, but that's the cost you pay.

    what are you building your top out of? Probably 1/4" plastic sheets.

    I will start a thread once I get everything in order and put together...it may take a while.

    zoomboom Active Member

    I'm surprised you got a reply. I'm looking at buying 4 used aquamists from a friend. He only has the 16 site tops, and I wrote Aquamist weeks ago to find out how much new tops are. Still no reply.

    I don't think they like to sell parts due to fear that we might DIY a comparable unit for hundreds less.

    BigBudBalls Well-Known Member

    Find out who the CEO is there. Write (paper letter) letting him know of the piss poor customer service.

    osujudoman Active Member

    I'd love to know what you find out. By the way, which mister from Antelco is the right one? What do they use to cap it? It looks like a good solution to prevent roots from clogging the mister.

    osujudoman Active Member

    ttt for some answers.

    Also, where would you get that 1/4" plastic/plexiglass cover that the net pots sit into? I've been to Lowes and Home Depot and all they have is clear in that thickness and had no suggestions on where I could get some.

    DND, have you identified and priced out all the plumbing pieces? I'd like to have a list to take to the store with me when I'm ready to build it. I'm not too concerned about the reservoir... Lowes carries a 50gal Rubbermaid tub with similar dimensions (42"x21") to that system that only costs $18.

    osujudoman Active Member

    Bump for some info...

    DND Well-Known Member

    As far as misters... I don't know who distributes them, but they are made in Australia (according to an Aquamist owner).

    The tops can be purchased with netpots included directly from growgenie.com...it's pricey though. $42-$48 per top and there are 2 for each unit. For DIY tops I would start here, they cut to size and is probably the closest thing...Buy White Plexiglass & Black Plexiglass acrylic sheet

    I haven't got to the plumbing yet, but I would just use 1/2" PVC connected to the pump with a threaded fitting and with threaded sprayers. The end of the PVC will have to be capped off. Just keep it simple.

    havefungodumb Well-Known Member

    bumpp infooo

    bdc Active Member

    Wow, if ya'll cant figure out where to get a 20-25 gallon plastic tub maybe you should just give up and buy the finished thing outright.

    Home Depot, Lowes, Target, and WalCrap all sell large rubbermaid storage bins. If all you find is clear, then paint it black.

    I was browsing around Home Depot the other day, and in their lawn department you can find everything you need. Before building my own I just need to check the coverage area of their 1/2" sprinklers. I think it will take more than 3-4 to adequately fill a large bin.

    As for the tops, if you are noob enough to pay $50 for a 1' by 1' plastic sheet with 16 holes in it, go for it. They are super easy to make if you find thick plastic like that. And if you cant get plastic, use 1/2" wood boards. You just need to use some waterproof deck sealer on them first.

    If you look around and get it all together properly you can build one of their $500 systems for under $100. And most of that cost comes from the pump.
    Sprinkler heads: $1/ea, say 10 total per bin (overkill)
    Bin: $10
    200gph+ Pump: $50
    PVC tubing: $10-$20
    Wood top: $5
    Gallon of deck sealer: $10

    This is why they give very little info or pictures of their product. Anyone with any DIY skill can build one. The only non-DIY thing you need to buy is the perforated pots.

    havefungodumb Well-Known Member

    misters suck at home depot i was told.

    havefungodumb Well-Known Member

    need a real bin to not rubbermaid something plastic like a flood table, i was wishing i could cut mine into a smalller bucket lol.

    DND Well-Known Member

    Just an FYI, I have not forgotten about this thread. I will be purchasing an Aquamist I system to test it and go through it with a fine tooth comb. I will get all the details we need to replicate it as close as possible. I would have had it by now, BUT my company didn't give us a Christmas bonus this year. :(

    No offense bdc, but what you are explaining in your post can and has been done (by me) and let's just say it's a hack job compared to the real system. I did laugh when you suggested wood treated with waterproof deck sealer as a top for the system, lol.

    jgreenbeast Well-Known Member

    could u build a wooden frame/tub and line it with rubber pool liner or sum thing similar? this could b custom tailored 2 an individuals space requirements. Just a thought , I am very interested in this thread as i want to complete a room using this type of system for a perpetual sog.

    OregonMeds Well-Known Member

    You could, but with the cost of wood and stuff and how jacked up that would be I don't know why you would. Using a couple of rubbermaid tubs would be fine actually as opposed to one large tub. They don't have to be really heavy, there's only water in the bottom part.

    If you want a system just as strong they make those abs trays in all types and sizes for other uses.Go your local large farming/feed store and you'll find water storage bins, cattle feed troughs, etc which would be easily adapted and tough as nails. 4x4 size isn't hard to come by but it would be a lot more expensive than using double the number of 2x4 rubbermaid bins.

    To use the rubbermaid stuff all you would need to do is reinforce the tops or make new heavier tops so the plant weight doesn't make it all sag. Any drill and a hole saw of whatever net cup size you want will take care of that easy and cheap.

    jgreenbeast Well-Known Member

    true but wat about the Rubbermaid leaking with the sprayers and all???

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