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Replant Those Long Stretchy Stems ( Its Easy )

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by goten, May 7, 2011.


    projectinfo Well-Known Member


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    blue bunny 420

    blue bunny 420 New Member

    Thanks, will give it a shot
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    Gagetowndog Member


    Gagetowndog Member


    Gagetowndog Member

    I have cups about half full. If they stretch I put them closer to the light. Also I can just add more soil. I have the cups ( about 40 ) hanging from my clone closet wall. If the sprouts start leaning sideways, I just give the cups a small turn..as they are on an angle and the weight of the sprout will bring them back to center. The cups with a coke bottle work as a humidity chamber and will steam up by themselves.
    I rewash the cups and bottles and reuse them.
    I have a humidity dome and heating pad with thermostat and I have found the cup method to work better for me. All clones and seedlings don't have the same needs, this "cup way" I can give them more or less light, nutes, heat, soil to one plant at a time as needed.
    After about five days I take the cap off the bottles so they can harden up slowly.
    When the plants look like they are ready , I take the bottle off.
    This is a cheap way of doing it, no plugs to buy. And it's a great space saver.

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    Gagetowndog Member

    What works good is a half oz of water (1/4 nutes) for the seeds and 1oz (full nutes) for the clippings/clones per cup, then stir up the soil so there is no soaking wet spots, I just use a spoon handle.
    Extra coke bottles can be stacked on if the plants doesn't like the light.
    Seed cups go directly under the light, clones get 3 days of almost all dark.

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