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Remove yellowing leaves during flowering?????

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by whatapothead, May 11, 2008.


    whatapothead Well-Known Member

    just wondering if i should remove the dried up yellow leaves during flowering. i'm 54 days in and 60% of the plants have yellowing or yellowed leaves now.

    just tug down on them? if they come of then ok if not leave them?


    mambokabui Well-Known Member

    I remove all the real bad leaves. The plant uses energy to try to keep those leaves alive and I like to let the plant focus its energy elswhere at that sage of the grow.

    KAOSOWNER Well-Known Member

    I agree with mambo but only if there is no green and if they are dry and dead

    PIFFalicious Active Member

    I always remove them, for purposes like Mambo stated. And it really doesn't harm the plants, though the thought of getting your... arm chopped off doesn't sound pretty kosher. But I know dude who don't an their plants still grow absolutely fine.

    Acidburn999819 Well-Known Member

    I remove the leaves when they are 70% yellow...why waste energy on trying to save leave that your not going to use.

    whatapothead Well-Known Member

    right on thanks for all the replies guys. i'll remove as i have been.

    Anotherbonghit420 Member

    I heard the plant does not use energy on that leaf. It sucks the nutrients out of it tell it dies and the wound seals. pluck the leaf after it has got all of that nutrients out of it. I have never heard a scientist say a plant uses nutrients on a dieing leaf that it itself is killing on purpose.

    padgebird Member

    Ive been tempted to pull some off of mine, however I feel if more force than that of a stiff wind is needed to remove it then it just aint ready. whilst there is still moisture in the leaf/stem there is goodness been moved to more vital areas. tho that said sometimes i just thought fcuk it that just looks rough an tidy up..coz there is the light blocking factor with these dying leaves too. peace

    nickfury510 Well-Known Member

    dont remove a thing. the plant will shed what she doesnt need when she is good and ready. you only cause unneccasary stress by removing and cutting what isnt ready to go yet. when its dead. it will drop. period exclamation point

    padgebird Member

    oh and naa man when they turn yellow and start to shrivel its because the plant is draining it of energy..actually giving the plant a nute boost..natural process init..the plant wont waste energy trying to save a leaf it has desided to kill off!! its quite important to let this process run its course..

    stonner2k Active Member

    so if you end up with no fan leaves left after say 5/6 weeks is that the end of bud growth? i just think like some others here if i add (n) say that should keep the leaves and inturn grow more bud?
    any feed back would be nice big fan leaves turned light yellow to early 4 weeks, and i would like to know is the bud growth related to the fan leaves staying healthy??? cheers.

    sensisensai Well-Known Member

    Answered ur own question at the end of ur post.

    bigsteve Well-Known Member

    My growers' bible says that you only pull off yellow leaves when they
    are more than half dead. Sounds efficient to me.


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