Reliable caregiver wanted !!!!!

Discussion in 'Rhode Island Patients' started by Bubba906, Feb 1, 2012.


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    I have a caregiver now but it's a family member and it's just not working out as I'm in a decent amount of pain daily !!! So I'm looking for a responsible and reliable caregiver !!! Thanks please pm me any details thanks :leaf:

    Weedasaurus Active Member

    well, not one at the moment, but I plan on it before the year is out. there is a few that I know of that may be taking patients on here. MAybe they'll chim in.

    Tamorin Active Member

    Curios about what would a price be u could afford. What type of strains have u been using. We just do sativas so I'm not sure if they are great for pain. I've been told their good for daytime.

    ReesesPiff Member

    Hoping to find a MMJ Patient or two to join me in a long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationship. Designated as one of YOUR caregivers, I will obtain only the best strains to ease your specific medical condition. I have many years of experience working with both sativa and indica genetics. Terms to be discussed. I am based in Warwick, RI.

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    I'll be looking soon as well!

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    PMed. (Message too short? WTF?)

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    Good to see a fellow Paulbot on here!

    RP 2012!

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    Rainy day in MAY 011.jpg OG KUSHY.jpg Just noticed that you nd a caregiver who is dependable. I'm very dependable as a caregiver and a husband of a cancer patient. My wife just passed away last yr. and I still use medicine for my hep"C" and arthritic pain. I also use it as a relaxation. I have various strains that are kept seperated from ea. other as some strains are more for daytime use than others that are kept for nite time use.Then various ailments like a headache to chemo pain. Different types of strains from Amsterdam,Neth. only. Tho I do have the original "OG Kush" from Reserva Privada with a "Dreamtime" mix from Mr.Nice's stock. I won't run down the names in this forum but IF your still in need I may be taking on one more patient only ! Hope your well though. When your ready just email me.

    fasteddysan714 Member

    you cant possibly still nd a caregiver if this is a Jan post BUT if ya do then - POST IT and i'll leave an email. I'll chk Friday or so.later

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