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Reliable caregiver wanted !!!!!

Discussion in 'Rhode Island Patients' started by Bubba906, Feb 1, 2012.


    Bubba906 Member

    I have a caregiver now but it's a family member and it's just not working out as I'm in a decent amount of pain daily !!! So I'm looking for a responsible and reliable caregiver !!! Thanks please pm me any details thanks :leaf:

    Weedasaurus Well-Known Member

    well, not one at the moment, but I plan on it before the year is out. there is a few that I know of that may be taking patients on here. MAybe they'll chim in.

    Tamorin Active Member

    Curios about what would a price be u could afford. What type of strains have u been using. We just do sativas so I'm not sure if they are great for pain. I've been told their good for daytime.

    ReesesPiff Member

    Hoping to find a MMJ Patient or two to join me in a long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationship. Designated as one of YOUR caregivers, I will obtain only the best strains to ease your specific medical condition. I have many years of experience working with both sativa and indica genetics. Terms to be discussed. I am based in Warwick, RI.

    tranka32 Active Member

    I'll be looking soon as well!

    Canon Well-Known Member

    PMed. (Message too short? WTF?)

    peterpiper99 Member

    Whats up Bubba. I'm in the process of getting started, but have reliable caregiver contacts until I'm up and running. I'm in the West Warwick area. Ready to go when you are. You can email me at [email protected] if you're interested.

    rEVOLution420 Member

    Good to see a fellow Paulbot on here!

    RP 2012!

    fasteddysan714 Member

    Rainy day in MAY 011.jpg OG KUSHY.jpg Just noticed that you nd a caregiver who is dependable. I'm very dependable as a caregiver and a husband of a cancer patient. My wife just passed away last yr. and I still use medicine for my hep"C" and arthritic pain. I also use it as a relaxation. I have various strains that are kept seperated from ea. other as some strains are more for daytime use than others that are kept for nite time use.Then various ailments like a headache to chemo pain. Different types of strains from Amsterdam,Neth. only. Tho I do have the original "OG Kush" from Reserva Privada with a "Dreamtime" mix from Mr.Nice's stock. I won't run down the names in this forum but IF your still in need I may be taking on one more patient only ! Hope your well though. When your ready just email me.

    fasteddysan714 Member

    you cant possibly still nd a caregiver if this is a Jan post BUT if ya do then - POST IT and i'll leave an email. I'll chk Friday or so.later

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