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Reliable breeder suggestions?

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by Blitz35, Mar 7, 2018.


    Blitz35 Well-Known Member

    Hi all, im looking to purchase seeds, ive only done so twice in the past, and haven't had much success in finding something decent. My last grow i had about 20 seeds gifted to me, but most were from barney's and they turned into a disaster!!! Just threw my 8 week old auto's in the garbage lol. Does anyone have suggestions on who to order from (shipping to canada) that has good reliable strains..i know mephisto is supposedly good for auto's, but i don't really wish to try as most all auto's i did were far inferior to photo's..and 4 seeds would cost me a hundred dollars from them..not too keen on that investment for an auto. Any advice on regular photo breeders? Im looking for high potency first..yield is secondary!
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    SativaInMind Member

    Karma, exotix genetics, archive, dynasty, gooeybreeder, sincity, brothers grimm, dominion, compound, greenpoint, Bodhi are some of the best around, there quite a few great breeders/chuckers. but just as many average ones if your looking for resin quality, if you are the breeders I listed are very good.

    Attitude, JamesBean, Seedsherenow, greatlakesgenetics, solseeds, are some great seedbanks to deal with, I also heavily recommend one of the breeders above they are killing it...

    Blitz35 Well-Known Member

    Thx so much for the help! I will look into them. Im looking for potent smoke..nothing under 20% thc, and of course, the frostier the better :) As long as the place has stable strains and one doesn't have to worry about growing useless bud :)

    Shua1991 Member

    Try underground Originals if you want some cheese hybrids and old school skunks that were clone only in the UK for a while. I'd recommend really anything from them, I've grown the 'blues'(funky as hell), 'KillerSkunk' is about 50% blues, the other 50% are a dank blueberry skunk pheno, some smell like blueberry muffin funk. The 'no name', it smells like oranges and leather, very happy upbeat sativa stone, all of these strains are medium-high yielding varieties. I've got 10 of their 'premier sweet' waiting to be germed in the fall.

    I would also recommend Ace Seeds, great landrace and IBL genetics to be found from South America, Africa and Asia. Highly recommend the Panama and the Malawi.

    As mentioned earlier, Karma has very potent OG crosses.
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    booms111 Well-Known Member

    Since your in Canada I'd use Hemp depot and I'd recommend CannaVenture seeds from there list

    GreenHighlander Well-Known Member

    PeakseedsBC is highly underrated. I have run roughly half their offerings now. With a few currently on the go.
    Super stable and well worked lines that produce some fantastic herb. All at great prices.
    I also recently picked up a few offerings from GreenPoint Seeds due to the great deals and good reviews I have read on here. Having not grown any out yet I can't comment on GPS from personal experience like I can with Peak. But I am super excited to run some of this GPS gear. Currently have 5 Dreamcatchers just starting their life.
    Cheers :)

    Quani Member

    Mosca, Cannarado, Connoisseur genetics, Sannie ! By the way I dont get why Sannie isn't that famous compared to other breeders considering he is doing such a good work. Maybe some one has an explanation ?

    Shua1991 Member

    Sannies was on fire about 4-5 years ago, some of his genetics have been getting complaints about herms lately, same is true for dynasty, he had incredible gear in 2013, but reports of diluted lines have been going around. I grew the killing fields back in 2014 and it wasn't what my buddy had around 2012(f3-f4), less berry flavor, and it wasn't thethuge yielder id been told it was. I doubt it was my growing medium that did it. Since I run organic soil/teas since 2011

    hillbill Well-Known Member

    I agree here, all in. Been using Peak for ages and a lot of Greenpoint in the last 18 months.

    If I were in Canada I would also check Hemp Depot.
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    Samydank Member

    Thug pug

    eastcoastmo Well-Known Member

    Hemp Depot or PeakseedsBC for places to buy from. Breeders - Bodhi, Connoisseur, Cannventure, Gage Green, Mr Nice, DJ Short, Second Generation (DCSeedbank for them), Bros Grimm, Dominion, Karma are all great breeders!

    thenotsoesoteric Well-Known Member


    I remember everyone saying sannies killing fields was bomb and his shit was top notch but I never really thought much for all the pics posted on different forums and so never tried his stuff.
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    Shua1991 Member

    jackberry was really good, I smoked some from the same person who gifted me the killing fields, back in early 2013, so after finishing them, in '14 i decided to get a pack of regs with caramel candy kush(much better imo) and the killing fields just couldn't hold up, it was either the f4 generation or f5's . F3 to f5 was a big difference in flavor and yield.
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    Blitz35 Well-Known Member

    i will check some of them out. By shipping to canada..it doesnt have to come from a canadian breeder..just wasn't sure if there are some european ones that may not ship to canada. I looked at a couple..websites seem quite generic with little info about the seeds. I won't be trying peakseedsbc or hemp depot as i don't like their payment options..and for some reason, hemp depot charges twice as much to ship to my province than to ship to the u.s.? I'll look into the breeders themselves..the seedbanks i actually found that they are priced better outside of canada, both for seeds and shipping than ones located in canada. I havent really looked to order from anything canadian based for those reasons. I also am not really interested in places that ask you to send them a payment first through snail mail. Hemp depot even states that they are not responsible for items not received..and no refunds? That's nuts..most places i see will keep resending seeds until they are received. Thank you all for the suggestions..i will go through te breeders one by one and then if i see something good, i will find a place to order them from. Thanks to all for your input..much appreciated!!!
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    eastcoastmo Well-Known Member

    Try attitude, dcseedbank, seedsman, herbies, I've had recent orders go well with all of them!
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    hillbill Well-Known Member

    Seedman seeds are silly cheap with the exchange rate the last couple years.
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    eastcoastmo Well-Known Member

    Yeah they've been great for some but no so great for others. I used to pick and choose between them and attitude/choice.

    waterproof808 Well-Known Member

    Karma will not disappoint.
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    Blitz35 Well-Known Member

    Well, decided to give an auto a last try..i went with mephisto and going to try 2 alien vs triangle f2's. Ordered straight from them..asked if my 2 freebies can be double grape, or else chemdogging, sodk or ripley's og. If this doesn't come out well..i will stick to photo's lol. Thx everyone for the input, will be back to check these suggestions again when I order regular photo's.
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    SativaInMind Member

    bro, don't waste your time with autos....
    You are going to be impressed if your buy some great photoperiod genetics, but what is the point spending electricity, nutes, water, space and even worse 3-4months of your time just to get so-so product at the end of it all... Don't you want superior stuff? Don't u want to sample the best buds you have ever had?
    You should want to find a good clone that you can keep running and be thoroughly impressed with each time, I wouldn't recommend fems, but it is what it is, however when it comes to autos, fuck em.... unless ur just looking to throw a few outside in a cold or wet climate where your just looking for a plant to actually finish in time there is that, but growing autos indoor, is pointless really.
    you are only going to get out of the genetics what is in there, no matter how well you grow it is not a substitute for proper genetics, if you want quality resin, then autos are not great.. and the yields aren't as good either lol, complete waste of money and time in most situations...don't say I didn't warn you, if you strive for quality....
    The guaranteed way to lose quality whatever the topic, is trying to cut corners, and ones that cannot be cut, like how people want a faster dry, but if you don't take the time and dry it proper and slow, u fucked up ur buds, somethings you simply cannot skip around....nothing is a substitute for quality seeds.
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