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reg seeds

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by nikka, Jul 14, 2008.


    nikka Active Member

    i just germinated(3days) and planted 20 seeds from reg.
    What are the chances of me getting at least one female from the 20?

    edit: they were really black seeds and got them from some reg high in THC.. if that helps at all

    burjzyntski Well-Known Member

    I planted 12 seeds (bag seeds) and only one sprouted.
    Luckily it turned out to be female.
    Then I planted 15 seeds and none sprouted.
    Take that however you want.

    Lobo69 Active Member

    Should be 50/50

    Erysichthon Well-Known Member

    with all those your sure to get at least one fem. statistically it is 50 50. of my 3 healthy plants i had 2 males and one fem, she went hermi unfortunatly but still turned out pretty good.

    bmarley043 Well-Known Member

    well i germinated like 15 bagseeds and most died except one i threw out in my garden. that took root and i let it grow outside like 3 weeks., transpanted it and its 4 weeks into flowering with some awesome buds and its female. ive got 8 bagseed plants in flowering and just put two in the 12/12 and both are female so i guess ive been lucky. just chem them every day

    nikka Active Member

    thanks for the info guys. I have another question: Would a 9" X 9" 120V/60Hz/4.2amp light be enough light for one plant? Edit:think its a 500W light
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2008

    TrailerTrashed Well-Known Member

    50/50 is the usual ratio. However i have found that commercial bag seed has usually always been inbred and therefore the chance for hermies is HUGE. Plan on at least half of the females you do get going herm before they reach maturity. I started growing reg. seeds years ago, and think they are a great way to get to know this healing plant. The hermies stared to get on my nerves so I took the leap and got me some good genetics...The same exact time and effort is needed to grow bag weed as is needed to grow Northern Lights. IMO

    fruiitypebbles Member

    its all about luck

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