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refrigerator grow

Discussion in 'CFL / Fluorescent Lighting' started by chuey, Feb 26, 2008.


    chuey Well-Known Member

    I'm getting things around for a refrigerator grow. I can get them for free, so i'll get at least an 18cf, but i'm trying for a 20cf. The seeds are from an indica strain. Not sure of the name, but the smoke was absolutly killer.

    For lights i'm thinking of 12 23watt cfls for veg and 16 for flower, although i could throw in another 4 13watters for vegging if needed. Each buld will be individually adjustable to keep them closest to the bud sites. I will veg for 4 weeks max, then flower. I will be lst'ing to get more bud sites near my lights.

    I've read through some threads about refrigerator grows, but didn't find the answer to what i'm looking for. Would it be better to grow a couple plants, letting them spread out, or grow 5-6 and keep em smaller. I'm not looking for height, just the most bud sites, and which ever would give a higher potential yeild.

    Thanks for reading.

    raeman1990 Well-Known Member

    hey man i have sen some good grows in refridgerator sized rooms BUT refridgerators DON T WORK WELL,,,,,because they are extremely insulated so they retain almost ALL heat plus they are air tight which means no air transfer, it is very hard not to over heat in one of those things....sorry to burst ur bubbles, otherwise every thing else looks good

    SheepsBlood Well-Known Member

    So why wouldn't some one turn the fan on in the fridge. Utilize the cooling fan and just duct it to the outside and then have a port out to the freezer where you could store a carbon filter or lots of air freshener.

    So how does that sound. I think it rocks and on my next grow after this one I am doing that!! What an idea!! Plus if it gets too hot just plug the fridge in and port some of that freezer air back into the fridge unless your fridge has a blower some are just a shell with a wall that cools. That would help too but less as efficent and effective.

    chuey Well-Known Member

    I'll be cutting a hole through the bottom and one through the back near the top with a fan for ventilation. I've read where people have had good results growing in a fridge, just couldn't find the answers to what i was wondering. Looking to get the highest yeild i can using cfl's, so i figure keeping them low and using lst will be a must.

    So, veg and 1 plant for 4 weeks, then flower, or veg whatever i can fit on the bottom for 2 or 3 weeks then flower. Either way using 300 watt + or - 25 for veg and 400 + or - 25 for flower.

    upinchronic1 Well-Known Member

    The refridgeanator,,, nice.

    FilthyFletch Mr I Can Do That For Half

    I did one a few years back. My old gargae fridge died and I didnt wanna replace the compressor so I began to work on it.The top freezer made a great clone area and then inside I gutted the shelves and left the drawers as it mad a nice flate sturdy platform. They work good as they are airtight which allows you to make a negative air pressure environment which as we know grows plants great. I used a hole saw to make 2 openings for muffin fans and then added a simple small enclosed 400 watt hps light and vented that out the back through a 3rd hole.I did 3 plants in it and yielded 8 oz dry in soil. was fun but I gave it away when I got anew fridge lol

    chuey Well-Known Member

    How long did you veg/flower them for? Also did you lst, scrog, ect.. Could you have fit more?

    Trying to figure out my options for the highest yeild. 8 oz sounds nice, that'd last me 6-7 months, but the more the better. Would like to try to finish a grow in 3 months, then get 1 more in before it gets cold. Hopefully get enough that way to last me till the next years 1st harvest or at least close.

    Oh yeah, do you remember what size refrigerator you used? i'm gonna go for the biggest one i can get.

    chuey Well-Known Member

    After measuring some refrigerators around the size i'm looking for today, it looks like i can fit about 6 plants. This is allowing for final pot sizes. I also think that i would probley go with more lights as well. Probley 10 23watt, and 10 13watt for veg, and 12 of each for flower. So 360 for veg, and 432 for flower. These number may change a little, but i'll have at least 325 for veg and at least 400 for flower. If the electric bill doesn't go up too much, i may even throw in some of the 6700k's during flower and give em around 500 watts.

    Another thing i've been reading up on is 12/12 from seed, or a short (1 week or so) veg period then 12/12. I know the yeild per plant would suffer, but i could fit quite a few more plants that way, and add more at any time for more harvesting. Plus i like having 1 main bud, it's just pretty.lol A good number of the grows I seen yeilded around and oz dry. With say 10-15 plants, even only gettin 1/2 each thats still over a 1/4lb, and a possible 1/2lb. With this setup i coud save on electric, and again if the bill isn't too high, add more watts, maybe 550-600.

    What do you guys think? I'd like to hear from someone with experience with 12/12 from seed and decent watts. Pot size (i'm assuming it could be smaller) yeild, and total grow time which i would believe would be slightly shorter. Like i stated before, i want the best yeild, and this sounds like it may be the best option


    growforfreedom1 Well-Known Member

    eh chuey, check out my journal, it is still in progress but there is some usefull shit in there. i have another thread about this fridge setup too. dont post in the journal though, thats what the other thread is for, the journal is more in depth though

    hydrochronics10874 Member

    refrigerator grows work just fine i got one yes one plant in a fridge with a 120mm pancake pc ball bearing exhaust fan and a small 4" desk fan in a hydro bubbler 4 gallon tote lst'd and super cropped was cut for 6 plants but due to only 4 gallons i went with one. and a 4" intake at the floor level cause cool air will sit lower to the floor and heat rises. i must say i've got buds all the way to the tips even in the middle all the way down the stalk to the first branches with a perfectly even canopy by using some weighted wires to keep em away from the lights to train em.. ill post pics as soon as i get a way but im working on a new one to grow in as well. also i cut the rubber off the bottom of the door to help aid in air intake and the 120mm ball bearing exhaust fan is quieter and just enough to move the exact cubic feet of air through the fridge 3-4 times over every hour. ive had one hot ass summer 100+ degrees almost 2 months and showing little heat stress at all. P.S. im only using the same 400 watts 6700k florecents for veg (4 weeks) and flowering (8-10 weeks) and its worked great for a budget experiment grow!

    rollinbud Active Member

    Was tyhe fridge outside in the 100+ and stayed cool enough to grow or do you have some cooling? Im just test running mine, I have fridge for cooling and have it wired to a thermostat. It is like 62 in my garage where the fridge is and with about 200 actual watts of fluorescent it is getting over 85 in there and my cooling is kicking in. I have a small muffin fan pushing fresh air through as well, plus I rewired the circulation fan in the fridge to run all the time.

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