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Reef's Perpetual TGA-THC Lovefest - Come All Ye Cannabis Lubbers Budporn Be Here

Discussion in 'Subcool's Old School Organics' started by ReefBongwell, Jun 1, 2013.


    ReefBongwell Well-Known Member

    Yummy looking buds :)

    Nah she's not dead plenty of live leaves left... looks like nute burn/not enough water to me but i never really put them outside to know whether just that would do that... sure s/he'll be fine :)

    Shit I went and harvested Ace #4 and forgot to take pics before it got all trimmed :) Ace #4 is the only one with a cutting that's going to get flowered back out this run. #4 looked a lot like the BCS one I just harvested with the fan leaf bud except it didn't have much purple in it and it had even more frost than the BCS... a definite jack leaner. Definite keeper by looks we'll see if the final result is what I need.

    Weighed the first 2 plants harvested today... really kicking myself on not running co2 this time... definitely got to put in that venting and seal the room off as much as possible when this batch is done and get my co2 situation fixed... wonder what yields would've been like this time with co2... it looks like i'm going to end up similar to last run as far as yields... so 600-1000w no CO2 = 240w LEDS + CO2 in yield weight, if not bud size. 240w + CO2 may end up doing better than this run even... craziness!!

    Ace #1 yield (small non-BCS): 2.25z
    Ace #2 yield (Big BCS): 2.65z (<-- biggest plant hard to see one outyielding this... so looks like around 2z is probably going to be the average based on these first two... maybe even less than 2z/plant...)

    GreenSanta Well-Known Member

    240 watts leds with co2 = 600-1000watts no co2 ... looking forward to see if that will make u drop some cash on some led panels. I can say now that about 3-4 months from now ill have my shit dialed in pretty good and i will be able to see what kind of yield i can pull with my leds. I know for now it's not that impressive when I include the wattage of all fans and dehums, but the quality is really up there.

    I finally got myself some keepers...

    I just cloned my heavy yielder Cheese #1, which is one of my new keepers

    Another keeper I have is spacebomb x chemo that yields pretty well.

    And finally my third keeper at the moment is my spacebomb x Grinspoon, the one that volunteered in the garden a while back. HEADSTASH with crazy fast flowering time.

    and maybe hunting for a spacebomb x haoma heavy yielding pheno coze i found some nice tasty plants in this batch of seeds.

    All my new keepers along with the fact that I started to veg my plants a little (all out 12/12 from seed is hit and miss and too much work) and yield will be decent.

    Have u ever grown spacebomb?

    ReefBongwell Well-Known Member

    Yeah you got some nice keepers your thread along with some of the stuff on the nerd has made me want to get some spacebomb

    ReefBongwell Well-Known Member

    Gotta say LEDs showing their merit... harvested the two #3 TimeWrecks from the same mom - 1K timewreck #3 - 3z, multiple 240w LEDs (2-3) - 1.5z. Yielded half as much, buds half the size. 1.5z I think is a respectable yield for a 1.5' tall plant with no co2 under some leds and with some things working against it (split stalk, drought stress, heat, etc)

    I'm going to be looking forward to seeing if there's any noticeable difference between the smoke of the HPS vs LED as well... will one be more potent? smoother? tastier? we'll see. I got a shitload of LED fluff to smoke :)

    Will be posting a couple more pics of the potential timewreck keepers (#8 and #1 which should both outyield #3 and could go up to 4...) after that this thread and this account are done. I'll be PMing some of you how to keep in touch particularly the person who sent me some of these beans to get clones back -- I'm not forgetting you :)

    urban1026835 Well-Known Member

    looking forward to the smoke report and to see the difference.LED's who'd a thought

    ReefBongwell Well-Known Member

    Me too :) Now that I think about it I'm definitely going to have to stick around long enough to do a full report on the 6 ace phenos and a final timewreck pheno report. Got about half the girls jarred up now

    DLOPEZ1420 Well-Known Member

    Why u closing the account? Are security threats on RIU? Please infprm me.. ok now im fucking paranoid..

    ReefBongwell Well-Known Member

    Just paranoid about attracting too much attention... don't have any reason to believe anybody's coming after me at the moment, but you never know why take chances :) If I were in a med state I wouldn't care as much but I still live in a place where the local cops love DEA... albeit in a county that's one of the more lax on cannabis compared to others.

    bigworm6969 Well-Known Member

    Nah reef u cant go anywhere bro i used to get like that to my dude still do, thats the nature of the beast for us who live in non medical states as long as ur not makeing any big changes as of dealing with different people ur all good, cops ant looking for small growers they want the big fish, i say that now even though like a year ago i got pulled over after just smokeing one and they tried hard as shit to give me 30 days in jail, got a lawyer and got a fine, just no matter what dont ever tell anybody that u grow, thats why i come on here so much because i cant talk to anybody else about all this awesome growing and comparing and learning new shit right youll be alright

    GreenSanta Well-Known Member

    Reef, cops dont know crap about the subcool's sub section of roll it up, u are safe. plus i am looking forward to more side by side hps / leds.

    smoking tga hybrids will make u parano. have a high cbd strain in the corner for personal consumption and ur parano feelings will go away. :D

    Truly... cops would get fired to spend time on forums to bust people with 30 plants operations... I need ur thread to know which tga strain to order next. I dont order seeds very often anymore and when i do it better be the right ones!!
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    ReefBongwell Well-Known Member

    we'll see... i'm far worried about being busted from someone smelling it than anything.

    can't wait to be more out in the country.

    had a major freakout today... my mom called right before my friend came over and said they were planning on coming to visit in october... which is probably the worst month of all... most of the afternoon i was thinking what the FUCK am I gonna do with all these plants!!! but i called'em back after he left and talked them into coming for christmas, which is when I had planned for them to come so it's perfect timing... well not perfect but as good as it's gonna get.

    That was only the first freakout... had a classic 'oh shit someone unexpected's here' freakout.. so had ALL of my plants out to the living room to transplant them... my best friend came over to hang out a while so of course we were hitting it... had just smoked the better part of a big joint and were well blown out when the doorbell rings... i didn't recognize whoever it was and they kept ringing the bell instead of going away... i know it was too smokey smelling in the living room to open the door for a neighbor and it kinda looked like one of'em... so i ended up going out the back and around the side and coming up like i was working in the backyard...

    and it was owl stopping by :) so we invited him in and blew him out with some black cherry soda and the rest of that joint :) we had a nice little blowout going there. Got a little info on what has been going on with owl doesn't look like he's going to be online much anytime soon

    GreenSanta Well-Known Member

    well anyway documenting on RIU is proly the least of ur worry. We don't often see people here getting busted and if it was to happen often, no one would be on here. people getting busted here is usually from some silly reasons like having a shitty ex girlfriend, not being on here chatting

    ReefBongwell Well-Known Member

    That's exactly what I've always said when people worry about posting pics... doesn't mean it can't happen, but I can't even recall EVER hearing of someone getting busted from posting online other than that guy who video'ed his face and address ;) Anytime anyone ever gets busted it's always the same... someone gets popped and turns on them (almost always), someone's stealing electricity, or someone comes across the grow/smells it accidentally. i only worry about the first and last :)

    i'm not worried about my online getting me busted immediately. I'm worried about it going into some filtered fbi/dea database and getting linked to my real identity somehow in a file that is used against me at some point in the future.

    Just got done with the last major veg sexing :) Gonna transplant tomorrow morning and start topping/taking cuttings probably the next couple days they need to be watered/fed before I take cuts. This is what it looks like I'm gonna have running into flower... FYI a "90% female" is a female shaped preflower that has no pistils coming out yet but does not show any signs of being a 'claw holding a ball(s)' - basically they'll be females, but i'm not going to call it for sure til I see hairs...

    Qush - 2 fem, 1 unknown
    Dr Who - 4 females
    Ace #4 cutting (female)
    Void - 1 female, 1 unknown
    Dairy Queen - 3 females
    AOS - 2 females,1 90% female,3 unknown (1 of the previously probable males got moved back to a possible female... the other 4 were determined to be for sure males)
    Mickey Kush - 4 females, 2 90% females,1 unknown
    Jack's Cleaner 2 - 1 female, 2 unknown (including the twin which is the smallest of all the plants)
    Space Dawg - 4 females

    Totals: 22 females, 3 90% females, 8 unknown,16 males

    Goal for flower: 24-32
    Best guess: 29 females, 20 males

    Bright side: Got at least a female of everything, a good amount of Mickey Kush and Space Dawgs

    Downside: If I don't get 5 female Aces, it's going to be a disappointment... but it looks likely I should at least get 4. Only 1 or 2 Void females :(

    Harvest continues to come along... had my lowest yielder come in today at 1z, 9g (timewreck #13 in the smallest pot)... got the last ace trimmed today that was a heavy sucker think it will definitely be a good yielder. Down to 6 plants left for harvest... 3 chernojills and 3 timewrecks. The LED plants really started plumping up once they got under the HPS in just the last several days :) I expect the last 3 or 4 plants to be pretty light yielders though probably in the 1-2z range :( Just a couple big timewrecks left. It's nice to be locked and loaded with a bunch of jars of bud tho :) i got a plate full of accidentally trimmed bottom buds and probably another plate full of bottom fluff on branches to get off that'll probably keep me going the next week or two while i wait for everything to cure :) Been enjoying lots of scissor hash too... and illtoxic brought over the first batch of ISO concentrate from the first batch of trim yesterday... taking it over to a friends for his birthday tomorrow :) vics, flowers and iso concentrate... and a fun time was had by all.

    ReefBongwell Well-Known Member

    Got 9 transplanted this morning... they are all up in the flower cab enjoying some hps-led combo light... going to be moving them under the big lights as i move the last flower plants out.. down to 5 left in the flower cab... timewreck #1 is in the trimming room now... so far my reveg is going well I gave them some veg nutes and the leaves are re-greening so I take that as a very good sign... the cuttings in the mom chamber are deep dark green without curling... probably as nitrogened up as you can be without serious side effects :) they got regular veg nutes too and they were already pretty green from the nutes they got previously. The clone moms are about to get more company I'm planning on putting any transplanted veg plants for next flower in the flowering room during the day cycle then moving them into the mom chamber or the other veg chamber at night... the flower girls will be harvested over the next few days so after that they will get to spend all their time in there... but only the transplanted, female ones.

    So there are 9 up there now -- 4 space dawgs, 3 dairy queen and 2 qushes. I got 8 more of the smaller sized ones to transplant into then I'm out of the 2.5-3gallon pots that I'm using for the expiriment... the other 12 will go straight into 5 gallons... going to do a little expirimenting with 5 gallons from veg through end of flower (what I did last time except for 2) and comparing to 2.5-3 gallons through week 3 flower and then transplanting into 5g at 3 weeks. I transplanted those 2 timewrecks at 3 weeks last time they were in pitiful shape and produced very decent yields for their size despite everything going against them and stayed small... i'm thinking the smaller pot up to 3 weeks produces a more compact plant (less stretch) and that transplanting it at 3 weeks basically means all those extra nutes you put in at 3 weeks go straight into flower weight and not the stretch (fewer, heavier buds/big colas).

    urban1026835 Well-Known Member

    Let me hear what you have to say about the mickey kush reef, I have been lusting after it for awhile now when i saw something online awhile back before they release it.Really the structure of the bud caught my eye.It just looke like the calyx's on it were super fat

    ReefBongwell Well-Known Member

    Same here I've been psyched to get it going, so happy I got a good # of females :)

    Got 16 transplanted now.

    I'm thinking of putting the last few plants in the dark til they get trimmed so I can use the flower cab for veg... just moved those 16 into the mom closet like I was planning and it's already a pain... i am NOT looking forward to daily double 12/12 shifts again...
    Vincent VonBlown

    Vincent VonBlown New Member

    I know a fella, that received endless grief for posting a single picture. He thought it was harmless, as it was a picture of him as child... One must remember, when you take chances of any kind. Like showing your grow (in any manner), or having anyone over to see it other then yourself, or growing where it's not legal etc... Your a taking a chance, and you have to live with that, if you want that attention.
    Vincent VonBlown

    Vincent VonBlown New Member

    I've had my home broken into several times, I've been followed all over the place, by people trying to rob me and my grow (and I'm very careful). And the guy with the picture I mentioned^ they tried to slap him with 90 freakin years. And it was only a miracle he got out of it... And that guy, he's right here on the weed nerd forum. You may even have said something to him like... "No pictures then it didn't happen".... ;)

    InternationalGreen New Member


    ReefBongwell Well-Known Member

    Haha i did in my mouth just a little bit... ;) but I been bored of RIU so a good hate thread gave me something to get interested in on here... as it is i'm about done with RIU and ready to take a break for a bit... always happens during harvest tho... harvest burnout :)

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