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    crazykoolaid Active Member

    I was told by someone that has been growing for a while that if your plant has two red veins on the underside of the leaf it is going to be a male is that true.....I hope not my baby has them and i was reall hoping this was going to be my mother plant:wall:. Thanks to those who reply to this i give rep to those who reply:leaf:

    jeffchr Well-Known Member

    Red veins have nothing to do with sexing a plant IMO. It can be a sign of a nutrient deficiency. (see The only way to determine sex is to wait for the plant to show after a week or more of 12 & 12. Cheers.

    ginjawarrior Well-Known Member

    nah i havent seen any red veins on the bottom of any of my male plants. just keep on growing till you get the normal signs of sex before you get disheartened ;)
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    2much Active Member

    red veins is usually indicative of too much phosphorus
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