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Red Spider Mite or something else?

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Mass Medicinals, Nov 7, 2017.

    Mass Medicinals

    Mass Medicinals Well-Known Member

    Hey all,

    We found this on one of our plants. The plant is isolated in a tent all alone. We have been checking that plant and the other plants for any other signs of mites.

    It was odd, the thing was sitting on the very top of the tallest cola in the frosty leaves. Aside from this one bug we haven't seen anything else in either tent.

    Is this a spider mite? We have been looking at the mite family and wonder if this could be a Snout mite which actually goes after other plant ectoparasites.


    MarWan Well-Known Member

    Cannot see pics.

    from my limited experience, spider mites are hard to notice until you see the damage on the leaves, especially the lower leaves, you will see small white dots on top of the leaf, if you flip it you might see small yellow to black dots that move. get a 30-60x scope it will help a lot.

    If you were able to see the spider on the cola easily, there is a good chance it's not the dreaded spider mite, still get a scope and inspect.

    DirtyEyeball696 Well-Known Member

    I saw red and reddish colored mites at a buddies house. After learning they were adults highly evolved. Meaning they’ve been around a long time. Made me itch & I haven’t been back

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    Mass Medicinals

    Mass Medicinals Well-Known Member

    So we saw this one. And have not seen another in either of our tents since. We grow in coco and have no other soil plants in the house.

    It's possible that this guy isn't even a mite?

    DirtyEyeball696 Well-Known Member

    Nobody can answer your question because you have no picture to show.

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    Mass Medicinals

    Mass Medicinals Well-Known Member

    Is it showing now?
    Red Mite-1.jpg
    Mass Medicinals

    Mass Medicinals Well-Known Member

    It's really odd. We can see this photo in the OP. Not sure at all why it's not there for everyone else.

    SPLFreak808 Well-Known Member

    Tetranychus urticae are red spider mites, i just looked it up. They seem to have clear legs and still tiny like pacific spider mites. 220px-Red_spider_mite_(Tetranychus_urticae).jpg 220px-Tetranychus_urticae_with_silk_threads.jpg

    Red legged mites are usually a little bigger & seem to be beneficial predators, the picture you posted looks like some kind of red snout mite which i believe are predators. You may want to look into it because im not exactly sure.
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    Mass Medicinals

    Mass Medicinals Well-Known Member

    It was the only one we ever saw. Also the plant was chopped today. So..... :D

    DirtyEyeball696 Well-Known Member

    Looks like a tick

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    Mass Medicinals

    Mass Medicinals Well-Known Member

    Well we hope not. We had one tick scare this year and it was luckily not a deer tick.

    natureboygrower Well-Known Member

    yup,i was thinking the same thing.
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    Colo MMJ

    Colo MMJ Well-Known Member

    Not good if you are in Mass. Lyme disease was created in that FDA supposed food laboratory on that island off of Long Island. It left the island supposedly from bugs or ticks on birds and made landfall in Lyme, CT. The fact you are in MA means you are close. Your tax dollars at work.
    Mass Medicinals

    Mass Medicinals Well-Known Member

    Colo MMJ wow buddy slightly off-topic maybe?? JK but certainly creative.

    If it was a tick that would be really interesting. Because the thing squished with no effort. In our experience with ticks, they are durable. That was the only bug we saw in our room all.

    BTW Happy New Year peeps!

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