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Red Light & White LED ? & immature flowering

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Dester206, Sep 22, 2008.


    Dester206 Active Member

    Hi People,

    So I have a 60W red light bulb. I was wondering if this wold help during flowering at all. I read that red light is good for flowering. Will my small red light be any help? I am only flowering 1 16 inch tall plant.

    My other questions is that I found a small White light LED. It is really bright for the size. The light itself is about 1 inch wide within a 4 inch circle. I have seen people grow with LEDs before. Will my small white LED be of any help?
    Curretnly I am using 1 65W grow light and 3 25W CFLs for 1 16 inch plant.

    On a side note, my plant has not fully matured yet, but I have put it into flowering on a 12/12 cycle becasue of a size issue. I think I have started to see pre flowers with the 2 white pistils. Is there anything I shoul dbe concerend about since my pkant was not fully mature when put into flowering?


    DKskater75 Well-Known Member

    nah youre fine. you can induce flowering at any time, the plant doesnt need to be mature. the amount of light you have is fine, not really sure about the red light...

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