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Red hairs to early?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by jdd616, Aug 9, 2010.


    jdd616 Active Member

    Well im in my 4th week of flower today actually lol and I looked at my plants when I went to water them and im noticing brown hairs and on one bud site all the pistol tips turned orange like color and kind of got curly is 4 weeks a good time for hairs to turn brown and for the most part it's just a few here and there no males in my garden which is indoors also I feel like the buds are just way undersized I mean at 4 weeks it feels like buds should be forming could you take a look at the pics and tell me if im really behind for 4 weeks.....Thank you to anyone for any advice you may have peace

    sorry for crappy quality of pics if it would help to try and get better ones I will IMG_0228.jpg IMG_0234.jpg IMG_0227.jpg IMG_0235.jpg IMG_0239.jpg

    rabbogart Well-Known Member

    They do look small...what is your light source?

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