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Recovering oil

Discussion in 'Concentrates and Extracts' started by watdaheo808, Aug 16, 2013.


    watdaheo808 Active Member

    Does anyone know if it's safe for me to wash parchment paper covered in bho with everclear? I have a good amount stuck on a bunch of papers that are pretty hard to scrape off without getting it all over my hands. I also plan on putting the everclear/bho into the freezer for 48 hrs to winterize and repurge. Is this a good idea?

    justugh Well-Known Member

    unsure due to the wax and chemicals in the paper it self .............being designed for heat not 90% ethonl soaking there could be a bleed off of unwanted things

    checking wiki for info on the methods and chemicals in parchment paper i would say it is a bad idea

    justugh Well-Known Member

    damn stoners are some inventive fuckers ................who ever said this was a lazy drug never looked into it

    here u got man hope it helps ..............looks like u can but i would say use the filtering method they speak off

    Twitch Well-Known Member

    i would not put wax paper in ever clear for any extended period of time

    vacpurge New Member

    I take my dabber, angle it on a 45... and roll it back and forth on the paper and it collects all the oil... the oil sticks to the dabber and snowballs on it, peeling it all off the parchment paper. works great. heres some pics:



    after: with approx .5g on the dabber that I almost threw out :) notice the paper is a bit cleaner??


    watdaheo808 Active Member

    thanks for the link justugh! ill read through it and try something soon once i can get my hands on some everclear.. thanks vacpurge ill probably try that on some but probably going to still need to do the ethanol wash cause most of the papers are soaked in oils along the edges. also do you guys have a good method to repurge some oils that seem to have some butane/moisture in it with out a vac chamber? like what are the best temperatures, times on the griddle and what to look for when its fully done (bubbles)

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