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Recommend Some Things To Do While On Probation

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by terdherder, Jun 30, 2008.


    terdherder Active Member

    So I got picked up for possession of marijuana and now am on probation for 8 months. I have been looking into things that I can "do" that are either legal or don't show up on the drug tests. I have heard that shrooms aren't going to show up but that is about it for the illegal drugs. Does anyone know if X will show up. I have heard some people say yes and some say no. But anyways is there anything you guys can recommend to do while getting tested? I have been reading about amantia mushrooms. Are those any good? Or maybe I should just buy the whizzinator and then I wouldn't have to worry about getting tested, lol. But again if you guys could recommend something, give a website that I could buy it from, and tell about your experiences with it I would really appreciate it.


    dr.greenthumb85 Well-Known Member

    wow you really that hard up to be fucked up that you cant just wait 8 months??? and x is usually cut with heroine or speed. and those do show up.

    FlipDV Well-Known Member

    x has meth in it.

    I'd say Salvia, depending on where you live, it's legal in most places.

    And can you explain what a "whizzinator" is, people talk about it but I don't know what it is. thanks.

    korvette1977 Well-Known Member

    Find something else to do .. Run, swim, build something , start a big project to keep your mind focused on something other than weed... Paint the house , good luck bro .. remember if you get caught with a "HOT" urine .. its off to the county you go... good luck .. Buy and old car on e bay like a 72 Chevelle and fix it up a little .. and then in 8 months sell it for a profit and when your off probation you'll have money for a FAT SACK..

    youngunz10 Active Member

    LIQUOR! Always a good alternative.

    grassroots Well-Known Member

    Alcohol fo sure and eat some shroomies i dont think they test for
    psilocybin so u should be alright
    yea the whizzinator my friends uses his when he gets drug tested. He says it works well. Never had to use it though thank god.
    hope 8 months flies by

    terdherder Active Member

    For those of you who don't know what the whizzinator is check it here-- www.[B]whizzinator[/B].com/

    But bro it's a long ass time to not be smoking mary jane. I mean shit, I want to try something new that is legal so I don't have to worry about the piss test. Has anyone here ever been on probation? What alternatives did you find that were pretty good? I was on erowid for like three hours last night just reading up on shit. I live in MI so I can get salvia. Has anyone tried mugwort? Was reading about on how it enhances dreams and it gives a feeling of calmness and euphoria after smoking it. Basically I am just looking for something that can loosen me up and make me be able to talk. Normally I am a pretty shy guy and I noticed when I smoked I was able to just interact with anyone, my shyness was gone. That was one of the main reason I was toking, I was just friends with everyone. So yeah again if you guys have anything that is like that please let me know. Again thanks for any help in advanced

    tom__420 Well-Known Member

    Take niacin and you might be able to get away with smoking a little bit

    Tom :joint::peace:

    KillerWeed420 Well-Known Member

    Depending on how often you get tested you maybe able to pickup some cheap thc test strips off ebay and experiment with yourself to see if you smoke for a night or 2 , how long it will take you to get clean. You can use dillution to help the process and a high fiber diet with metamucil to help keep you cleaned out.

    Phishbrains86 Active Member

    i would sugest not doing anything except LSD. if your on probation they test you for everything, but LSD can only be detected with a spinal tap and there not gonna do that. i know this will work bc my brother is on probation and has already failed rehab once bc he continued any use of other drugs such as mushrooms and marijuana and exctacy. he is in rehab again for a second time and has stopped all consumtion of every other drug except LSD, and he has passed every single drug test since he tested clean

    Dirtyboy Well-Known Member

    Sniff some spray paint. LOL Maybe it would be good if ya took a brake from it. Clear your mind.

    Signed your dad

    duddychunks Active Member

    Well I was on probation for six months and they didn't test for shrooms but I just turned into an alcoholic drinking all day every day, gotta say for probation to be helping people out it really just fucked me over. Of course I quit drink though but i had to go to those bull shit meetings. just go easy on the alcohol cause i didn't and that was a mistake.

    terdherder Active Member

    Well I am only 19 so I won't be having that much alcohol. Probably just on special occasions. I think I am gonna buy some salvia and some amanita muscaria. I am gonna try smoking the shrooms first because I heard that it kicks in fast and doesn't last for like 7 hours if you were to eat them. If I like them then I'll probably try eating some and see how it is. Has anyone her had experience with these mushrooms?

    makinthemagic Well-Known Member

    get diagnosed adhd and get an rx for adderall and/or ritalin. i think adderall will cover a positive test for meth and possibly x. i think ritalin will cover a positive test for coke.
    why not just go to the shrink, tell your PO its to help straighten up, and get the scripts? or have fun with the rx stuff instead of the street versions. its better quality anyways.

    weedski Active Member

    Can you not go 8 months without getting intoxicated? Seems a bit sad just getting fucked up for the sake of it.

    Just my two cents. :mrgreen:

    Peace! :peace:

    youngunz10 Active Member

    Mushrooms and LSD won't show up. Most pills won't show up within the week but thats only good if you know in advance when the test will be. You can get strip and other things if you really want to toke.

    Dabu Well-Known Member

    I can't wait to do hard drugs, I'm not on probation!

    Personally, I would do acid. and maybe shrooms.

    I consider myself very sheltered as a kid. Even as of right now, I've never done either, even though I have 1/4 of shrooms in a styrofoam coffee cup right now.

    Sorry for your luck bro. Wanna share how you got caught? My friend got in trouble for possession and his probation gets out in september or so.

    bmxguyd Active Member

    I understand that mushrooms stay in your system for a short time compared to Buddha, but last time i took some mushrooms i had TO SMOKE SOME WEED so i dont think that is the best idea... I would stick to other activities or invent some new kind of bud dryer or build something that revolves around pot. your brain is just board man.. all you need is to stimulate your mind naturally, this will take away the craving. plus if you just turn to some other drug you might get caught.. and we all know thats all bad if your on anal-probation.. piggys.. plus if you keep mostly clean you will get so fucking high when you smoke in 8 months.. good luck and sorry that happend bro.

    bmxguyd Active Member

    smoking mushrooms= bad idea. :spew: i was really bored one day and smoked a FAT bowl of caps and stems, this was a waist. its almost like your smoking seeds. no high just some dirty smoke , but like i said when on shrooms you may just break and smoke some pot.

    terdherder Active Member

    I think I am just gonna stick to moring glory and H.B Woodrose seeds. I tried the morning glory seeds and they were pretty great but haven't tried H.B. Woodrose seeds yet. I might have a connect for LSD come august/september but I think I am just gonna stick to legal things besides LSD because that is outta your system real fast and normal tests don't look for it. Thanks for all the replies and your input guys.

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