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Real quick easy question

Discussion in 'Auto-Flowering Strains' started by hzbodin, Jun 29, 2013.


    hzbodin Active Member

    I have 8 babies right now(delicious seeds critical jack x3-delicious seeds northern lights blue 4x- and Dinafem blue cheese 1x), the question is: could i start them off with a light cycle of 18/6 and then move onto 20/4 in a months time? or a 24/0 cycle to 20/4? Would it stunt them in anyway or mess with them?


    Situation420 Active Member

    No but anything over 18/6 is a waste they don't grow faster anyway. Your just wasting energy.

    tekdc911 Well-Known Member

    they will grow on any light cycle
    i run 24/0
    but i dont drive a prius
    454 c3500 flat bed 8 miles per gallon bongsmilie
    Belle of Buds

    Belle of Buds Member

    Plants actually grow best with a rest time.

    Bottleandmobile Well-Known Member

    20/4 is the best schedule

    greenlikemoney Well-Known Member

    There is NO scientific evidence that says 24/0 is better than 20/4 is better than 18/6 etc etc.....as with any growing thing, a bit of rest helps, however, I have never heard a plant complain about needing a breather during the veg stage.

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it !!!!!!

    Situation420 Active Member

    It's just unnecessary to run 24/0. Lol i don't drive a Prius either and im lazy and run 24/0 until the last week n a half of veg and taper it down and put in a timer i pre programmed.

    tekdc911 Well-Known Member

    there is no need for a rest period
    on a photo period maybe

    bud structure or to
    keep temps lower
    or trying to save money
    or maybe to keep the plants smaller
    are the only reasons i can think of for a dark period
    they stretch a bit more on 24/0 if your using weaker lights this isnt a bad thing helps with penetration
    there is no magic number
    i just turn my fan up to keep temps lower
    ive seen a few grows with 1000w hps on 24/0 and they are not lacking in anyway
    there are alot of "myth's" and opinions about auto's and most are no where near true
    just saw a thread a guy pull 4 oz's from a topped auto
    but from what i hear constantly is dont top them there life is too short they wont recover
    there are a few people that have set goals to bust alot of these myth's and misinformation's

    tekdc911 Well-Known Member

    but yet there is no proof that a autoflower of ruderalis genetics needs a dark period
    with a predetermined life span why would you waste any of it with a dark period
    just wasting time with the lights off
    dont get me wrong i do give them a dark period for a few days at the end to bring out colors if it starts to show some but thats the only reason

    hzbodin Active Member

    Thanks for all the replies mothafuckas, much appreciated.

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