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Ready To Harvest? Trichome Close UP PICS:

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Zhuleni, Dec 25, 2008.


    Zhuleni Active Member

    1st time grow. 2 (what i was told, however am now doubting) super skunk clones. 9 weeks into flowering under a 250 hps. BioBizz nutes in a soil mix. My question is simple. Do you think they are ready to harvest? I don't have a microscope but I can get pretty detailed images using the macro function of my digital camera. See for yourself. And please respond. I know they (the trichomes) are supposed to be cloudy with a little hat. That's what I think I'm seeing in these photos? Agree?

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    KP2 Well-Known Member

    i'd wait a week, maybe more.
    Sod Buster

    Sod Buster Active Member

    Your should have about 50% or so of your trichomes an amber color while the rest are a milky white.

    If they are all milky white your plants are not completely matured and if they are all amber your plants might be a little over done.
    Doctor Cannabis

    Doctor Cannabis Well-Known Member

    Looks like you still have some time to go... lets say 7 to max 10 days.

    topfuel29 Well-Known Member

    Nice. A lot of stalked capitate trichomes.
    it's hard to tell from the Pictures.
    Radio Shack sells Pocket Microscopes like $12.00
    wal-mart has some cheap Microscopes.

    I agree with Sod Buster.

    You could cut a little off the plant and sample it.
    If you like it, and you think the Trichomes are ready Harvest
    if not...
    Wait a week, and take another little sample from the plant.
    I'd make a little note some place as to how many hits it took
    to catch a buzz, did it expand alot. write down what you think you need to remember.
    Then when you sample the second time, you can do back, and look at your notes
    and see what the differences are.
    The only place on the plant where THC is being made is between the Stipe cell and the Disc cell of the Trichome. The "Hat" that you see is the fiberis mat that breaks away from the top of the stipe cells. Thats the stuff that has the THC in it :)

    Zhuleni Active Member

    awesome. thanks for the advice. I was figuring they'd have at least another week in em. Guess my christmas presents will be a little bit late :) Unfortunately, im not stateside (so no radio shack or wal mart) and the microscopes stocked by all the local grow shops are way overpriced (around 60 dollars). I did however manage to track down a jewelers loop which is giving me a much better look at them. And yes. ya'll are right. They still are pretty clear when magnified.

    aknight3 Moderator

    id let it go for 10 days and chop that bitch down

    card5150 Member

    mj[1].jpg mj6[1].jpg mj3[1].jpg mj5[1].jpg
    i was wondering if this looks good i should have about 10 days left? getting some input on time of what you think as they are still a little immature and not real or milky? let me know? it was a grand daddy purp but i had some small issues and the buds are real tiny the whole colas is only about the size of a nickle does anyone have any comments?

    the hairs are pretty much brown? but the trichs seem to be immature could this also been a little too much nutes and a few of the plants got some burn on the edges. i use humbolt nutes a and b program and went to the 1500 stage but i think i should have stayed at 1200 for another week or 2 and then hammered and a week of flush? let me know if im on track with my idea of what i should have done or if every thing looks cool as i went back down to 1200.

    thanks fellas for any comments all are appreciated

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