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RazzleBerry and Purple Kush..

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by SiFu, Dec 19, 2008.


    DannyGreenEyes Well-Known Member

    Ok thanks everyone, but the guy brought me a Purple Passion instead, and I just found out that one of my Blueberries is probably a Mendocino County Purp, not that I can find that strain listed anywhere. I'm wondering if it's a Mendocino Madness.

    I can't beleive how unprofessional the dispensories are here in Denver. I think on my next grow if I want to try something new I'd had better start with seeds.

    killer1 Member

    The razzel berrys all over in wa. Mine are all over 5ft and lovely
    Springs smoker

    Springs smoker Active Member

    Just started a. Lone of razzleberry in e springs. Anyone got some info on it?
    Springs smoker

    Springs smoker Active Member

    Sorry clone and I got it in colo springs.

    Yodaweed Well-Known Member

    Hey I notice this topic is super old but AoM sells razzleberry here in Colorado springs, and my last eighth had a ton of seeds, I kept them and just popped 1. Super slow grower so far, two weeks of veg and still seedling size, any info would be awesome or grow journals.
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    Pass it Around

    Pass it Around Well-Known Member

    Stain specific

    Stain specific New Member

    GDP and Purple Kush are not the same strain, GDP is not a kush, 2 different genetics , 2 different breaders
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