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Ratio Of Eating Bud To Get High?

Discussion in 'Medicating' started by HeaveyKush, Aug 9, 2011.


    HeaveyKush Well-Known Member

    how much bud would you have to eat to get the same amount of high as say, a joint? would you have to eat like an O to get high? or could you just eat a little?

    also i've heard that the high is way different. a lot of people say that eating it gives you more of a body high.

    cacamal Well-Known Member

    thc needs to be fat,alcohol, heat activated....eating by itself is not too good....but eat away..i would
    Sr. Verde

    Sr. Verde Well-Known Member

    you don't eat raw weed.... it doesn't give you anything more than a stomach ache...

    you have to cook it in something that will absorb the activated cannabinoids, and then injest what soaked up the psychoactive compounds, so when THAT food is metabolized by your body SO is the THC.

    if its extracted into the material properly, with NO tolerance I would say someone would feel quite baked by 1-2 grams worth of cannabis in their edibles..... I used to make 9 brownies with a quarter oz of weed, and then sell them for $10 a piece... to people who bought grams and eighths.. i gave them away free to the people buying more :lol:
    Charlie Ventura

    Charlie Ventura Active Member

    I bake cookies. I just baked up a super potent batch. One QUARTER of a cookie gets me completely fucked up and pain free for four to six hours. Here's the recipe:

    One package of Betty Crocker Peanut Butter Cookie Mix.

    One egg.

    Three tablespoons of oil. I use melted cannabutter.

    Water as per the recipe.

    1/2 ounce of your best bud, cleaned ... no stems.

    Put cookie flour in a mixing bowl. Grind the 1/2 ounce of bud in a coffee bean grinder until it become like a powder. Mix the cannabis powder into the cookie flower really well. The more you mix, the better consistency your cookies will have. Now, add the egg, water and the oil. Mix everything up really well. Then bake as directed. Be careful not to burn the cookies.

    Using 1/4 ounce will, of course, make for less potent cookies. But what ever you do, do not exceed a quarter cookie, then wait at least an hour to gauge the effects. Overdosing on cannabis is akin to taking a trip to hell. So, be careful with all edibles.

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