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    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    Quick question for the RD thread growers.

    Anyone have problems germinating?

    This is the second time I've had bad luck with no germination. First was with 4 Lee Roy freebies.
    So I played them off as attitudes old stock..

    Now I just planted 4 corn bread which I paid for from NGR

    and I actually messenger RD on Facebook a while ago telling them that 3 outa my pack looked badly deformed like two seeds grown together they said it was NORMAL from the genetics I'm not an expert with there genetics so I can't say.

    But so far no germ. I have I think 6 or 7 left but this sucks as I have about a 99% germ rate with everything else this and the last go around.

    Just so you guys know did about a 2 hour soak with a light h2o2 and water mix .

    Then straight into rapid routers with no dome or heat pad .

    But they are in a spot where they are about 78 degrees in the plugs and I'm good about keeping them at the proper moisture levels.

    Any suggestions? Miss RD ?

    if the other 6 don't sprout when I try them next month I'm gonna be kinda pissed shouldn't I be ?

    green217 Well-Known Member

    yeah i've read some of your thread comments on it
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    MustangStudFarm Well-Known Member

    I have been buying seeds for almost 5yrs now, Starkiller is my #1 favorite. I have been getting Kandy Kush from RP, and it took me 4yrs to find something better! It was Starkiller. My favorite pheno is a little picky, but there are easier ones in the pack that probably produce more, but the smell/flavor of this pheno that I have is going to be hard to beat. It would probably take a clone from somewhere to beat it!
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    MustangStudFarm Well-Known Member

    Did you see that I got 7 females from one pack, and they were ALL good! One of the phenos that I let go was just like Cali Connection's Jedi Kush, gunpowder smell. I bet that the genetics are very similar, but I enjoyed SK so much more!

    green217 Well-Known Member

    I can't remember for sure, it was on someone else's thread who had also grew some SK, I believe it was a chick, at least it was a chick avator name.
    But all reviews and pics i have seen have it high on my list of beans to acquire. Just got to many to get through first.
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    sky rocket

    sky rocket Well-Known Member

    I have a pack of Kandy kush. Do you still run your Kandy kush?

    green217 Well-Known Member

    I'm running some POG by RP it is fire and produces nicely. I got a green pheno but it's my best all around strain as of now. RP carries some legit shit.
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    MustangStudFarm Well-Known Member

    I have a fem pack that I just put into the bud room, and a pack of regular sitting in a box. I really wanted to have some flower pics before I started talking about it, but I am excited.
    It would be nice to see someone else's view on it, but the people that I have talked to said that it was impressive! It is a sleeper strain from what I remember. Beginning of flower is not really that impressive, but about mid-way it will start developing a strong odor. It is what I remember the most about this strain is the over powering skunk smells... My father-in-law come over to my house when I had some hang drying, and we had to play it off like a dog got sprayed by a skunk, and the dog rolled on our carpet! I live in the country, so I dont need carbon filters! Bring the stink!
    StarKiller is not as loud, but the smell is very complex. Diesel, Skunk, nail polish remover and it is more stoney.
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    Beemo Well-Known Member

    had no problems germ'n 5 lee roy from ngr... still have 7 left...
    get ro water from the fish store.. they have the really nice ro's :bigjoint:...
    no mixing h202... just plain water...
    use dome until it breaks surface... and helps keeps effin fungas gnats away....
    heat pad-definitely. especially in this cold weather...
    good luck on the rest :peace:

    MustangStudFarm Well-Known Member

    From RP right now I have: Kandy Kush, Skywalker, and DNA's Golden lemons. I just ordered Tangie and Sour Kush a couple of days ago.
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    sky rocket

    sky rocket Well-Known Member

    Nice I order to many beans. I just ordered in house generics - Royal purple and alphakronik - galactic glue......Im also about to run sour kush in about 2 weeks. Well at least I think it's sour kush.....I ran the Tangie last year. I wanted to run her again because due to my circumstances I only ran her once....
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    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    The mix is meant as a light wash and to provide oxygen while soaking none of my other germinating efforts using this method have had failures just the RD (not hating on rd)

    As far as domes go I don't care for them I make sure my medium doesn't dry out.(not a noob)

    Heat mat is the top of my seedling box which the t5s inside keep the top surface at a pretty consistent 80 degrees I have thermometers there the temp at the surface on the top of the routers stay a mid to high 70s like 75 78
    So I don't think temp control is a problem either.

    Basically outa a total of 42 beans of that I just popped 4 Rd., 2 bodhi (testers) and like 2 white grapes from hazeman didn't germ just sitting in there still .

    My well has pretty good water in it although yes I'm sure the aquarium has the shit ro's lol

    Beemo Well-Known Member

    dont throw them out yet....
    use to pop them in rr in clear container. worked great.
    was popping 3 purple kush and 3 romulan... really hoping for romulan..
    everything but 2 romulans popped...
    2 weeks later checked again... nathan... soo just put it to the side, thinkin they goners...
    wellllll.... was cleaning 2 weeks later and checked the container... what do you know... they germed, and shooting out...
    was pissed.... didnt save them in time... couldnt believe they germed!!!!

    GreenThumbsMcgee Well-Known Member

    dude, EXACT opposite for me....i have twice now bought one single seed, and had them pop, and grow to harvest, so i am 2 for 2 with RD.....
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