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    image.jpeg Docs getting chunky in the ghouse.

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    this is why you cant count your lbs before its dry! lol
    after a little more than 5" of rain and wind gusts to match, all in the same day, this is what i came back too!!! all the left branches broke off. even when i had a 3 point harness on two spots and side branches were tied up. this is ghost train haze#1.
    ill try to prop it back up and build a lean to shelter, in preparation 4 the tropical storm that may or may not come this way.

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    nice looking bush there JD :)

    my scott;s have all shown sexe now.
    #1 and #2 are males and #3 is a female..

    i have read a few posts here about uniformity ..well my scott's og are very uniform if i may say so..
    all 3 plants smell same, are about same height and have same structure..only very little differrence between em

    here are a few pics of mine from a few days ago

    scott's #1

    scott's #2

    scott's #3
    (the one in the middle is the scott's)
    scotts low.JPG


    bud close up (unfortunatly not the best of pictures)
    scott's bud 1.JPG

    here they are about 14 days from first flower signs so still a long way to go :)

    greets sin
    Michael Huntherz

    Michael Huntherz Well-Known Member

    Anybody got a line on some Cougar Piss beans? I want that strain, I really do.
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    Mohican Well-Known Member

    @S!N!STER - Nice looking Scott's! They are hungry plants!

    Which smell is your girl? Coffee or Garlic?
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    Yodaweed Well-Known Member

    The more this moonshine haze dries and cures the more it tastes like oranges, out of 4 phenos this one had some special oranges taste I am smoking it right now its real special, looks like shit real fluffy and shaggy but really freaking crystallized and smells like oranges and fruit. The taste is some of the best ive ever had the high is like pure sativa bliss really proud of this plant even tho I thought it was the runt of the litter.

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    Letstrip Well-Known Member

    @Mohican I just ordered a Scott's og seed which I may run outdoors how did she go outside and smoke?
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    BloodyBonzai Active Member

    Had identical results with 501st OG. Taller ones take an extra week to finish.

    Mohican Well-Known Member

    Grows great outside! Loves the sun!

    Cutting I just put straight in soil - she is a hardy strain!


    Blue Dream, Jesus OG, Scott's OG, and LA Confidential:



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    JD_85 Active Member

    thanks s!n!ster it was a bush before she broke.
    so here she is after i stood her up,tied her down and cut the broken branches. looking kinda slim IMG_2087.JPG IMG_2088.JPG
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    S!N!STER Member

    @Mohican it smells more like garlic (when rubbing stems) all 3 do btw so the males smell the same as female.
    have also pollinated it now with both males and also with Lowryder#1 and with a mystery male that should have been a femmed cookies kush that i got as a freebee with my scott's( not sure now if its a cookies kush male or if its a diff strain but its a nice plant so i deceided to use it too..) together with my 3 other females i will have a nice amount of crosses to try out in the near future :)

    hope mine will be a good mother and be as good as yours mo and jd :)

    i always love to see those pics of yours and am still reading your 2014 thread mo (at page 129 so allmost through :) )
    its almost like reading a book lol .. cant wait to start on the 2015 thread and catch up hehe

    @JD_85 shame it broke but the bud you still have is looking great especialy that 2nd pict looks dank m8.. hope the part you had to cut is still a good smoke or at least has some triches to make some hash or edibles from ;)

    greets sin :)

    Letstrip Well-Known Member

    Beautiful just what I need down here in kiwiland! Mold resistance is alright?

    S!N!STER Member

    @JD_85 were the branches entirely cut off or still attached to the main stem?

    if so you might have just let her grow on unless you didnt want the plant to put much energy into the healing cause she is almost done.. normaly it will just grow on as long as its still attached :)

    hard to kill those mean-green-high making-machines :)

    Mohican Well-Known Member

    Don't keep it in the shade for a long time or it can get PM. Every plant can.

    @S!N!STER - I have found that males have a darker smell - almost like a cigarette ashtray smell.
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    S!N!STER Member

    the males smell stronger but kinda same smell as my female though:)

    S!N!STER Member

    here are a few pics of my scott's og (3 weeks since first flowers showed and 4-4,5 weeks of 12/12)


    scott's 02.JPG

    here is a picture of how i tagged my branches so when harvest comes i know what branch is what cross :)
    off coarse i do know i will prob get stray seeds too wich will be mystery seeds as they might have come from either male... you can also see some color change on the polinated buds allready :D

    the water drops are from intensive spraying so i wetten all the leftover pollen to minimise further polination.. gave em a good shake after the foto shoot to lose most of the excess water and also turned fan to max to make em dry up a bit faster to prevent getting mold probs

    greets sin
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