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    You also need to factor in the amount of labor involved in breeding plants, collecting the seeds, sorting the seeds (removing duds), packaging seeds (vials), packaging seeds (label), artwork, naming (OK this part is fun), packaging (mailing), marketing, customer service, freebies, testers...
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    Lee Roy.
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    genuity ambition

    These are things most people love to not think about....its life
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    Moonshine Haze grows really tall! Out of 3 unique phenotypes (4 females) they are all tall and only one has some side branching. Look like to be a totem pole type plant, large main cola not a lot of side branching hoping for good tastes and yields, flowering in 3 gallon smart pots (smaller than normal but these things are so tall I didn't want to give them too much room).
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    lee roy us version
    out of 5 beans
    got 3 males
    2 females.

    now if i can just find a bruce banner female.
    bruce lee is around the corner

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