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    Bustin. What's that pheno look like stature wise, I bought a pack of LeeRoy TK, and only popped two beans but one is female for sure and she almost fooled me for a male. She's tall and not very branchy yet even after a fim.

    You can find ghost train fem seeds anywhere, Google it and look what happens...been at attitude for a while.
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    althor Well-Known Member

    Seems to always be out of stock when I check Attitude.

    BustinScales510 Well-Known Member

    Typical OG structure,thin straight stems..med/long internode spacing. I did 2 packs, the keeper pheno was one of the smaller ones that grew the slowest.

    I would take pics of the whole plant to show but they are scrogged so wouldnt really indicate the structure of the plant.
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    I looked right after I said that and noticed they're out. You can always go to seedfinder, I had a link but I don't know if it'll allow it so I didn't try it. Just do a search for it there and they should find it all for you.

    zchopper420 Well-Known Member

    The rare darkness at day 58 now. All i can say so far is wow I'm so impressed. I just wish i could get better pics so you could really see the color but i can't shut my lights off and my tent is in a dark area of my house. She is so frosty, this purp doesn't seem to be lacking in potency. And awsome dark purple buds with mid 70 night time temps. The smell has gotten so dank in the past few days. Is got the grape candy smell but it's been getting crazy pungent and skunky. Pungent the way a good kush is but not kush smell different. It's some funk

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    greenghost420 Well-Known Member

    thats looking great! def not lacking potency!
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    Got a pack of 12 Reg Ghost Train Haze Seeds a couple weeks ago. I popped all 12 seeds, and 11 are growing healthy as we speak and one seed was ruined due to a fault of my own. So, I had a 100% germ rate, and I must say that every seed looked very nice and healthy. I'm really excited about growing some RD genetics. Really hoping to find a keeper in this pack!

    Here are my babies, ignore the stickers on the pots I just haven't labeled them yet as they are my only seeds at the moment.

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    georgio838 Active Member

    is your version #1, #5 or #8?

    taGyo Well-Known Member


    What seedbank...?

    Canna-Savant Member

    @ georgio838 - I am running the OG Ghost Train Haze #1

    @taGyo - I ordered about 1 month ago from Attitude. I subscribed to a restock notification and grabbed them immediately when I received the email. They sold out in less than 24 hours.
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    georgio838 Active Member

    cool, ive got that one in stock too, interested to see how yours go, im waiting to find something unique to cross it with? maybe karma bitch? then again maybe a shorter flower time type but worthy of its genetics
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    Canna-Savant Member

    I've never attempted a breeding project but I wish you luck. I've heard Karma Bitch is a great strain as well!
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