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Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by Mrs. Rare Dankness, Feb 7, 2012.

    sky rocket

    sky rocket Well-Known Member

    Went thought almost this whole thread. I really prefer to search for something instead of doing the lazy way and just ask. I really couldn't find any info on rare darkness or grape ox. Does anyone have any experience with these two?
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    Mr.Head Well-Known Member

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    Slimjimham Active Member

    I've got a baby rare darkness going now. Hoping it's killer, never grown any grape ape or crosses of it
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    sky rocket

    sky rocket Well-Known Member

    Just one, you didn't get a pack?

    Slimjimham Active Member

    Haha, I really like variety and also have a bit of a phobia of running a bunch of one thing and having it turn out to be junk...

    So I got a single on herbies... It's like playing the lottery, hoping its female and hope it's fire ha.

    But this way I get lots of variety.

    I'm running current culture hydro so I grow "trees" that are scrogged.

    Because of this I only have 16 plans under 4000w so not lots of room to run packs
    King Arthur

    King Arthur Well-Known Member

    Does anyone feel like exporting the seed production to another country could effect the end product?

    Hotsause Well-Known Member

    Well damn lucky you I walked away with 2 seed pack that I bought at the cup(Bought one and got testers for the buy from Dungeon Vault) I had no idea RD was selling seeds I would have bought a pack or two my damn self!
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    greenghost420 Well-Known Member

    rare darkness is fire. i got 7 fems of the 10 seeds and they all had that grape ape gdp type of smells with varying potency n yeilds. i took the most potent and most flavorful. enjoy...
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    King Arthur

    King Arthur Well-Known Member

    mmmm I am looking forward to some rare dankness ;) Still haven't put the dsh in flower yet though.
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    sky rocket

    sky rocket Well-Known Member

    Dam you got lucky. I was going to order 2 packs to search for a good pheno. Looks like you got it on the first go. How's the stretch and flower time on your keepers?

    booms111 Well-Known Member

    Got Leeroy and ghost of leeroy at the cup. They came with 2 packs of sweet wreck(sweet sweet x nevils wreck). Giving them all to friends except the the ghost of leeroys. Be my first RD gear ive ran. I wanted feminized leeroys but they told me there being made in Spain and didnt have them yet.
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    rollinfunk Member

    any blue ox pics in flower or dried/cured? would love to see some thanks!

    MustangStudFarm Well-Known Member

    I got a 6pk Ghost of leeroy and it is no joke. It really surprised me because it was free and I didnt have expectations.
    I am going to have trouble eliminating because I need to let some go. I have 4 starkiller and 2 Ghost of leeroy that are standing thier ground.
    I also have 2 True OG. They bulk up and get frosty.
    I got 1 Jesus OG from a 10 pack. Its not too bad.
    I think that I like my free 6pk of ghost of leeroy over 3 other OG $100 seed packs.
    I will probably do my first smoke report with pics in a few weeks. Probably dry pics only
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    Moe Flo

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