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    I have grown out el jefe. Really dank buds and were done before week 8. Super stretchy strain, but very little foliage compared to buds. Would be a great strain to really pack into a space for a high yield. Major bud flop. I am going to be doing a run of it again after I get a fem and make clones, so im a while out since I just popped the rest of the pack. These were ordered from the tude. Mrs D was saying something about their seeds from Colorado breeders are not available from the tude so the ones I have are from thier breeders is spain? Idk so far I really like RD got some og ghost of leeroy to try out sometime too.
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    Feel free to send some of those my way for testing :)
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    I recommend Scott's OG for ease of growth, speed, trimming, and it has mellow high. Just make sure you watch for a few stem balls on the seed grown girls. After that the clones will be perfect. Garlic and stinky phenos are common. Some people prefer the stinkers for potency. :)




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    I only had 3 females out of 7 seeds. The leaves of one went really purple toward the end even with temps in the mid 70s pretty much round the clock. Used soil only and I think they were hungry towards mid flower. This time I am using top dressings to supplement so hoping to see difference. Would love to see some purple flowers. Lots more pics on my entry, you should check it out.


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    What places on the web carry RD seeds? Only one I have seen is Attitude other than seed depot RIP.

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    Yeah seriously havent come across a seedbank outside the US that doesnt carry them. If you check their site they have a list, while a litttle outdated since more than that carry them it is a good place to start
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