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Discussion in 'Concentrates and Extracts' started by mokuro, Mar 12, 2013.


    mokuro Active Member

    Hello there!!

    For normal oil, w/ quick wash, wich one of the alcohols is better for purity/safety/potency? Ethanol or Isopropyl?

    I heared that Ethanol is better when making absolute BHO, but the question is about normal quick wash's?

    and you every say about "190 proof grain everclear" is that ETHANOL?

    Is there absolute ethanol? like 99% ethanol? (does it exist? if i can find it, better to use it?)

    Nullis Moderator

    Grain alcohol is ethanol. Everclear is a brand of ultra-high proof grain alcohol. Depending on your jurisdiction you can get 151 or 190 proof which is 75% alcohol by volume or 95% abv, respectively.

    But, do you know what BHO is? Butane honey oil. Honey oil (earl) is made via supercritical fluid extraction with either butane or CO2.

    mokuro Active Member

    Hey nullis, yeah i know BHO is butane, it was just another question to dont need create a new topic, sry for my english i think i made a mess,
    btw thx for the answer :]

    I still need to know for quick wash, if its better Isopropyl or Ethanol, i can get 99% of either on a quimic store on my city
    technical dan

    technical dan Active Member

    Ethanol (drinking alcohol) is safer because it is food grade since it is meant to be consumed, and it is safe to consume. In liquor stores you will have 151 proof (~75% ethanol, 15% water) and possibly 190/ everclear (95% ethanol, 5% water) the 190 proof will work better since it has less water. You will not get above 95% ethanol at the regular consumer level there is lab grade ethanol which will be 99% but it is harder and more costly to acquire.

    I use ethanol and do qwets because it is safe to consume, I can drink the same stuff I wash with... you can drink you hash solution and you will be fine -do not try that with iso it will put you in the hospital since it is toxic. And since it is toxic and not meant to be consumed it is not available in food/ consumption grade.

    You can usually find 91% iso in the first aid section of stores IDK about 99%.

    oakley1984 Well-Known Member

    isopropyl is usually purer than ethanol leaving it an easier solvent to work with..its also significantly cheaper... easier to source
    ethanol can provide a higher quality extraction but is difficult to work with to get a quality extraction

    mokuro Active Member

    Thecnical Dan,

    There is a Quimic supplier store here on my city on Brazil that provide 99% ISO and 99% Ethanol, and many many other tipes of alcohol and stuff, and it's not that expensive, ISO is 5U$ per Liter (99%), not sure about ethanol

    oakley, what you mean w/ "but is difficult to work w/ to get a quality extraction w/ ethanol?"

    Ok guys, i'll go for the Ethanol.

    Fadedawg Well-Known Member

    Either will do a good job and we use 190 proof ethanol for orals and iso for topicals. Ethanol is also available in 200 proof reagent grade, but it is so hygroscopic, so that as soon as you open the bottle, atmospheric moisture drops the purity. To get the higher purity, they sometimes use a drying agent, so I prefer to use the food grade azeotropic 190 proof 95.6% ethanol.

    mokuro Active Member

    //noob question time
    what is Topical use? ._. smoke?

    How to know if there is Dry agents inside the alcohol?

    Because of atmospheric moisture drops the purity, there is no reason to use 99%? (will it drop to 95% because of the atmosphere and stuff?)

    mokuro Active Member

    the problem of the 5% water on 95% ethanol, is how to remove it from the final product w/o using any heat source?
    technical dan

    technical dan Active Member

    time. it will evaporate eventually if you let it sit somewhere in an open container, with an air permeable cover a coffee filter will work you just need something to cover it to prevent dust and other particles getting in it

    Fadedawg Well-Known Member

    Good question, as it will be a low enough percentage that the MSDS doesn't have to list it.

    The 4~% water left once the water and alcohol achieve azeotropic balance, so that they have the same boiling point, and the water won't be left behind after evaporation.

    If you use vacuum to evaporate away the last bit, it will leave water behind, which will also then vacuum off, as lowering the absolute pressure during distillation, shifts the azeotrope back toward the alcohol, so it leaves first.

    mokuro Active Member

    Got it,

    well, no reason then to buy 99% ethanol... beter stay w/ Grain alcohol 95% food grade.

    Btw then, since I dont have and dont plan to buy a Vac, if I heat an eletric oven to evaporate the remainging water of the absolute winterized bho at 220ºF (around 100ºC), it will decarb, right? What do I lost if I choose to do it? what material will evaporete w/ the water, and how important is it? (for any circunstance, like taste, or changing the high)?
    Maybe will the terpenes of Taste evaporate, and the High turns into a more body high than mental high?

    In short, If i heat it to fast-evaporate the alcohol and water, the final product will change in what way?

    Quizy Member

    Very good thread guys /popcorn... learning alot here!

    2Kushed Active Member

    It will probably take 50-60 min at 100C to decarb, and it will change the taste and high. You don't need to decarb unless you are going to make topicals/non-baked edibles.

    mokuro Active Member

    Got this from another topic "What you lose with decarboxylation are some of the mono and Sequiterpenes. They are the lighter, more aromatic terpenes, so the taste changes to less floral and more hashy."

    Btw, i'll not decarb, i'll only use a double bath w/ hot water.

    Thx everyone that help on this topic! :]

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