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Question: Why not distill the evaporated alcohol

Discussion in 'Concentrates and Extracts' started by jzforum, Jan 13, 2014.


    jzforum New Member

    I've been trying to formulate an all organic, cold process which is also more safe for the operator. I will describe the process below, but my question is: While the alcohol is evaporating, doesn't it make more sense to collect and distill the alcohol vapor?

    It's possible the re-distilled alcohol could be reused, perhaps after a purification. But at minimum, you're avoiding having highly flammable alcohol vapor being dispersed, which is always a plus in my book. So here's my proposed process:

    Do a qwiso wash but with organic moonshine or vodka, something organic, high alcohol content, and proven be capable of dissolving THC. Once the trays of alcohol need to be dissolved, they are put into a dessicator cabinet, which is airtight and comes pre-cut with holes for intake and exhaust.


    Input: You'd have a fan continuously blowing air into the dessicator cabinet, in order to speed the evaporation of the alcohol.

    Output: You could push the vapor through a vigreux column, which will cause the evaporated alcohol to distill again. (Note: I'm not positive this is the right distilling column, please correct me if you have a science background and know better).


    In this way, you have a 0 heat, completely contained (except during the wash), all organic process that will give you cold presses of hash. And again, if you purify the alcohol you can probably reuse it, meaning this could be both safer and more economical.

    Tell me how I can improve this process, or organically process this into another product like shatter. Cold processes preferred. Thanks!

    Please note: This was written as a part of preliminary research for a business seeking licensure under i-502 in WA state.

    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    First off......
    Have you ever heard the term vitalism?
    I'm often perplexed as to why people assume "organic" solvents..or anything..would be healthier or better for you than an inorganic substance..why does it scare so much?
    You do realize both iso and ethanol are organic..ethanol isn't the healthy organic version of it..that's how your statement of "something organic" came off to me..you keep saying you want organic
    You also realize that while those wonderful solvents are organic water is inorganic? So what's up with the organic thing?
    Sorry had to rant..

    Second...do a lot more research if this is supposed to be for a profitable business ...... then I will attempt to answer any remaining questions
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    Texas(THC) Well-Known Member


    pSi007 Active Member

    no vodka.. sugars are bad.. moonshine made as, "Not for human consumption" would be ideal.. sugar, water, yeast, distill. You can get a water distiller for about $150. works greats for spirits. remember as safe measure to always pour out the first 5% for sugar water. 20%+ for fruit, distill again.

    SaybianTv Active Member

    crazy idea here, why not get a vac chamber and a dry ice cold trap, never heat your chamber and lets call it a day. dehydrator fan box tube trickle contraption's are waiting to give you a stroke.

    qwiso oh pshaw, let him be with his sucrose shatter.

    jzforum New Member


    First, I understand the distinction you're making. However, isopropyl often has many things added to it such as anti-freeze, bittering agents, and other chemicals that aren't for human consumption and don't cook off. An alcohol made for human consumption won't have those additives.

    Second, being able to label something as being made in an all-organic process is something many businesses do to sell their products at a premium. Alternatively, many consumers pay more for such products. So, as silly as it seems to you, that is the direction our prospective business is taking. We're going to grow all of our marijuana organically, and process it all organically. If you have a problem with that, there will be plenty of other marijuana on the market for you to purchase.

    Please note: This was written as a part of preliminary research for a business seeking licensure under i-502 in WA state.

    jzforum New Member

    Thanks Texas & psi,

    Yeah, the dessicator cabinet is key for sealing up the process and keeping the air from being filled with flammable vapors.

    As far as distilling our own spirits goes, that's something I'd rather buy than learn.

    Thanks for the input though, all greatly appreciated.

    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    The process to produce iso creates no nasties....so you lost me on that one
    Perhaps you are confused with denatured ethanol or "rubbing alcohol"
    Yes I do have a problem with using that as a selling point.... yes I knew that's what you were trying to get at...what I was saying is, bubble hash is made inorganically so is co2 hash and butane hash oil is made organically.....what you are trying to do urks me something like finshaggy..lol sorry you probly won't get the reference
    But hey that's just me

    Still if this is for a business. You should research every aspect of the process thoroughly . Which you haven't done
    Evident by you wanting to know how to make organic shatter using a cold process.winterize in organic ethanol is how everyone else makes bomb shatter a quick polar wash at low temps may also give you what you desire..not trying to be mean. I'm just trying to help you, if your serious about this..we can easily answer all your questions. You would learn and retain far more from researching yourself though...then we can use our knowledge and years of experience to help clarify anything or give some tips etc
    lio lacidem

    lio lacidem Well-Known Member

    Qwizoking, you have wealth of very useful knowledge that alot of people can benefit from maybe if you were a little less harsh on how you spread that knowledge more people would readily accept it. Just my opinion

    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    Yeeeaa ..I don't mean to. Sorry

    mrcryce Well-Known Member

    He has no obligation to spoon feed anybody. Only those interested in learning are capable of being taught.

    jzforum New Member

    So I am interested in learning. And a novice, and I acknowledge that.

    However, I did do a great deal of research. For example, I didn't know what a vigreux column or a dessicator cabinet was when I started. I've learned the ins and outs of a half dozen different distillation (reflux, vacuum, fractional) and particle separation methods (vibratory sieves, small centrifuges) trying to figure out the safest, easiest, best process for my employees and customers.

    So I've come here to learn more. And any knowledge I have that you don't doesn't make me better than you. And vice versa.

    But I am here in recognition of the knowledge of these boards. I'm not asking you to explain anything to me, but if you point me towards what you consider to be "the right" resources, I will study them.

    Fadedawg Well-Known Member

    You can recover the alcohol by pumping a slip stream through a a cold trap.

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