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question on 2 day dark period before harvest

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by remember your name, Jul 14, 2009.

    remember your name

    remember your name Active Member

    So i heard that if you leave your girl in the dark 2 days before harvest that all of her energy will go to trich production and produce more crystals

    I plan on harvesting just the cola first and then waiting 1-2 more weeks for the small popcorn buds to fill out

    My question is this, after you leave your girl in the dark either for 1 full day or 2, will she still be able to bounce back and live another 1-2 weeks?

    If so i was thinking of doing that 2 times, leaving her in the dark for a whole day makes her think she is dying so she'll produce more trichs, so if she can do that and live through it i figured why not do it 2 times and have a lot more trichs?

    Or will she just continue to die after the 1-2 day darkness?

    eternally greatful for some info kiss-ass lol

    YoungClover Active Member

    It kinda depends on the strain, but 99% of the time it will be entirely fine. Some less stable strains may suffer mutations or other problems that though they wont kill the plant, may set back growth.

    I highly doubt any plant will die and most plants will be unaffected.
    remember your name

    remember your name Active Member

    Thats about what i was thinking, that she probably wouldnt die after the 2 day dark but would either grow slower or die in a few days after, but i considered how easy these plants are at bouncing back.

    Has anyone here used the 2 day dark period that can lend me a little info on how it went?

    BlackHit Well-Known Member

    Don't think it would harm them, the leaves will be droopy but the buds themselves should be just fine. If you're worried about mutations or things like that I think you'd need to leave them in the dark for an extended period of time like a week or longer for that to happen.

    YoungClover Active Member

    giving the a dark period is definitely worth it, and the second time you do it I would go like a week or two, it will ooze thc (not literally, but you get the point).

    quick side note: if you leave a plant in the dark till its real yellow, it'll taste great. (The buds may not yellow as muck as the leaves on some plants)

    good luck
    remember your name

    remember your name Active Member

    thanks for the info
    remember your name

    remember your name Active Member

    a week or 2? wow never heard of going that long, do you know if there are any benefits more so than just doing it a couple days? It's an idea...lol i actually thought about after the 2 day dark flipping her upside down root, soil, pot and all and suspending her in the dark that way for another 5 days before i cut her up, with no f or w, wonder if there would be any added benefit such as maybe drying out faster more thc something idk...

    BlackHit Well-Known Member

    A plant left in complete darkness for two weeks will not survive. Plants need the sun to make food for themselves so getting rid of its power supply would be akin to you not eating any food for two weeks. Do you think not eating food for that long would be good for your body or bad? I would highly advise against a 2 week dark period
    remember your name

    remember your name Active Member

    yeah i agree, 1 week seemed too long, even worse 2. I heard 2 days was like the perfect amount of time so i think thats what i'll go with, that is if i have any buds left by then....:twisted:

    rightchoice Member

    just makes sense that leaving a plant in dark for more than a coupl;e days would kill it - light is how it eats .
    Cow Tea

    Cow Tea Active Member

    it doesn't just eat light though. Plants store food in their roots. The food in their roots may last for several days, I don't know. It's plausible. If you cut off a ring of bark around a tree near its base, the food produced by the leaves will never reach the tree's roots, so eventually it dies. However, there is enough food stored in a tree's roots that can last it up to 3-5 years. This is a much grander scale, and completely different kind of plant mechanics, but it still shows that a plant will last as long as the roots have stored food. Think about when some people harvest, and chop the whole plant down, and although just a stump of the plant remains, it can regenerate fairly quickly, because of stored food.

    Mongobud Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know if the trichs will continue to change color during the 2 days of dark?

    hazex Active Member

    i say screw this dark stuff..light is food wtf is the purpose..i personally wont do it casue in nature there isnt any dark periods unless in alaska :)

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