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    Ive recently germed 4 DNA Chocolopes and 1 DNA Blueberry Cheese, all 5 have popped and are lookimg ok. I saturated the coir with 1/4 streingth nutes, but im unsure on how to feed from now on. So far ive watered them 3 times with in 10 days with 2 of them being food. Can anyone help me on my dilemma with coco seedling feeds please. Would be much appriciated.


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    Ak what's up brudda? In coco you can feed every time. Your good on the 1/4 strength just keep feeding it. You'll need cal mag every time you water too. I guess the main thing to remember is this is not dirt. With that being said one thing that's real important is to keep the coco moist. You know you've picked up pots before and was like damn, those are light! well in coco you def want to water before you say those words.

    You can bump up nutes on a weekly regimine just make sure you get good run off to prevent fert build up.

    hope this clears up any questions
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    Lol simple answer, just what i needed. cheers my man.
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